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  1. IGN ABC511 I gave a shiny fossil i.e shiny omastar just for a normal arceus
  2. abc511


    Ign-abc511 I would be very luck to have in my box
  3. abc511

    Universal Trade

    Trading all these Pokemons also mail me your browser offer in game for faster trade  METTALIC SHADOW   SHINY SHINY  SHADOW X4 SHADOW METTALIC DARK . Shadow Many more see profile list abc511trading everything see my trade list also
  4. Is there any new event related to shuckle coming everyone gonna asking me for shuckle Shuckle@Patrick is any event coming related to it

    1. porymon


      No..with the DXP event everyone is now looking for immunity pokes.

    2. Auke1993


      What does that stand for?

    3. porymon
  5. Even same here I have caught 16 legend and 3 ub one is mettalic but didn't got unownn
  6. Tell me your offer bro I have one and also making it a experience so tell your offer and mail it to me in forums mail or ign abc511
  7. @Patrick I would like to give you idea that user who didn't had account during previous event and have at least one year old account should get an option to claim any one event of the previous event which the user was not able to attend because he didn't exists during that time
  8. Looking for a shiny groudon anyone have Shiny Groudon

  9. What a bad luck I have my exam for about a month starting from 7 to 29 March very bad luck between this I would not be able to catch any more Pokémon and event 

  10. I want shiny Groudon please hunt it for me I can pay you
  11. until

    @Abc511amy friend there I currently no option to donate money so you have to earn it do sidequest or more to earn
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