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  1. abc511

    Universal ~closed post~

    Tell me your offer bro I have one and also making it a experience so tell your offer and mail it to me in forums mail or ign abc511
  2. abc511

    Event Unobtainables Collection Showoff

    Bring I want a plz what you want for it
  3. abc511

    Both Event idea

    @Patrick I would like to give you idea that user who didn't had account during previous event and have at least one year old account should get an option to claim any one event of the previous event which the user was not able to attend because he didn't exists during that time
  4. abc511

    Idea Search in auction

    Yes bro seems a good idea
  5. Looking for a shiny groudon anyone have Shiny Groudon

  6. What a bad luck I have my exam for about a month starting from 7 to 29 March very bad luck between this I would not be able to catch any more Pokémon and event 

  7. abc511

    Universal ~closed post~

    I want shiny Groudon please hunt it for me I can pay you
  8. abc511

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    @Abc511amy friend there I currently no option to donate money so you have to earn it do sidequest or more to earn
  9. abc511

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    Wow HAPPY ANNIVERSARY POKEMON VORTEX I have been playing since V3 enjoyed a lot a interesting time it would be in vortex now very happy congratulations Pokémon vortex for 10 year HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
  10. We can add a slight change during battle that is while we attack it should show countering graphics like hitting Also go bar can should show different colours according to remaining hp
  11. abc511

    General Max pokemons i Can have

    You could have maximum unlimited Pokémon in your Pokémon vortex account of any type any Pokémon also your question was somewhat not clear so answer might differ sorry for that
  12. abc511

    Universal Wonder Trade

    Yes bro it is under maintenance in wonder trade there is a random trade between two player live it will soon be available
  13. abc511

    Answered Point

    See making higher experience will give you higher point and your experience will give your clan a higher experience total calm experience is what total members experience so increase your experience you will get more points and more clan experience

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      Boards ke liye ready hi Gaya Hai 90 percentage se jayada Lana Hai 

    3. abc511


      Yup bro 90 percentage se jayada to lekar hi aaunga

    4. abc511


      Party saath me dunga boards plus birthday ok bro I will call you for invitation don't worry