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  1. If this exists, the richest users should get something like it, same with the people with the highest EXP Pokemon, same with the members of the Top Clans.
  2. Damn you guys really want that Shiny Rayquaza
  3. Yep I really don't mind. It's gonna take long though, pretty damn long, but he knows that. Also, your is at 9.2 mill since I've been grinding my first Top Priority offer. I'm tired so I think I'm gonna stop for today though.
  4. No problem, thanks for the vouch! Also, 23 million for the Dark Arceus (Water) I currently am training this since the customer also paid for Top Priority, meaning all work is postponed until it is done (which won't take long thanks to DXP ) But without any Top Priority offers, I train at least 5 of the pokemon that need training, usually starting off on the ones that require a high amount of EXP, then finishing the ones that require a low amount of EXP
  5. Sure I'll add you to the waiting list https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7CUaNcVJjyfbWV6dkUzVU9sQU0 ^Here is the video without editing @GodsWithin @Haxor69
  6. Sure, but I suggest you join the waiting list now so that your waiting time is limited
  7. I'll train 13,000,000 EXP for a Unique Kyurem Form
  8. What do you think is the Strongest Squad on Vortex? Can only consist of 6 pokemon (obviously)
  9. Attempting to train as much EXP as possible during DXP Weekend!
  10. Set? As in shiny/dark/mystic/metallic/shadow kyurem white?
  11. Alright everyone, I'm heading off for now. Tomorrow I'll start grinding with the DXP Weekend and will hopefully train your pokemon to high EXP. Thanks for using my service, I won't disappoint Also, Creepy Helper, please don't sales thrash again unless you have real proof, since yours was invalid.
  12. Sure, offer it on the Ponyta that's UFT on Fades Oh wait, sorry just realized it is a Normal Kyurem Form, not a Unique one. Is it OK if I decrease the EXP to 11 million?
  13. Sure I'll add you to the waiting list. Offer it on the igglybuff that's UFT on Fades.
  14. I don't bot. It's DXP and I don't gain 1 mill every 30 mins.. To what EXP?
  15. Fades' Training Service Fast | Cheap | Reliable Rules Info Rates Currently Training Past Jobs Contact
  16. Sometimes I can't delete quotes from my messages
  17. Looking for or . Giving +(150K EXP) + 6 unique non-legends for either one of them.
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