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  1. Shadow Khan

    Lolumad's Events!

    i can give you exp for your events not botted........ do you have still events for trade.
  2. Patrick can you tell me plzzz that when a person completed 1200 trades then he gets only one event pokemon or he will get the whole both forms???

    And also did scatterbugs are necessary for the event... 

    1. StarPonyta20


      So far as I understand, people will get whatever Pokemon they've met the milestone for, including if they passed it. I'm not 100% sure though, ask @Patrick.

      As for Scatterbugs, snatch 'em up. You'll need 'em.

  3. Shadow Khan


    lol then leave
  4. Shadow Khan


    how much exp you want for it?
  5. Shadow Khan

    Universal What Wonder Trades Have You Gotten?

    i also got this one......
  6. Shadow Khan


  7. Shadow Khan


    then sorry bro then i cannot give you 10 uniq pokemons for only 2 uniq legends of dark type hmmm i can do that i also need some uniqs you tell me your ign of spare uniqs then i will tell you which i required
  8. Shadow Khan


    i need these three these are not shadows so i want three
  9. Shadow Khan


    bro i have them i need others tell me your ign i will tell you what i want>>>>>
  10. Shadow Khan


    i have whats your offer for them?
  11. Shadow Khan

    Giveaway SoupsMcNova's Giveaway (4?)

    Ign-: Xamza
  12. Shadow Khan

    Super Secret Event


    i think that its not going to start
  13. Shadow Khan

    Favourite Trio

    Mine also these threes..
  14. Shadow Khan

    General Which is your fav

    V2 because it's better than v3