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  1. Hey, I got banned from the discord like 3+ years ago and I have no clue what for. If some staff could inform me how to appeal/do whatever to get unbanned that would be perfect. Thanks PS: Discord is Ditto#8042
  2. 7.7m 6.2m 3.4m 1.6m on first 4 pokemon, So a decent amount
  3. LF or any varients of, can trade events/xp IGN: DittoPB
  4. Hey guys! I'm currently looking to buy multiple Arceus Ice Check all my poke at (almost everything is for trade) - DittoPB
  5. IGN : DittoPB im sad cause I don't have a cosmog yet ;-; (hopefully i will soon )
  6. DittoPB 

    Halloween 2016


    https://gyazo.com/b002f798c8795fd5d2adf34f6ddf1394 (ㆆ_ㆆ) pls dad
  7. DittoPB 

    Halloween 2016


  8. Lol, This is sad Storage_ is banned
  9. DittoPB 


    30m xp for ? nvm im dumb this is closed
  10. Im Down for the snorlax set - 5 Unique Legends
  11. LF - PM me or reply if you have - IGN : DittoPB
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