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  1. hey guys i was wondering where the ultra beasts are around the map i currently found in route 3 (night) but didn't have a beast ball currently in looking for and i was hoping some of u know where he's at
  2. sorry my two kubfus have already been sold
  3. i have two dialagas, but may i see what other pokemons u may offer willingly?
  4. what will it be for the rotom frost?
  5. up for trade: (willing to rename to your choice) please offer something of same equality arigato!
  6. thx for replying, please friend me so we can trade
  7. ill trade for your if thats not enough ill give more
  8. all that for a zygarde???
  9. hey man, what do you want for it? thx for replying too :)
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