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  1. trading unique legends for Zekrom Resham and Kyurem

  2. 3 cores or 1 partial or 1 mystic core
  3. what do u have ?? and what do u want ?
  4. trading x3 forand anyone interested ??
  5. iam trading mystic cores for normal cells and cores

  6. no i completed my zygarde complete
  7. Finally i have completed a Shiny Zygarde (Complete)

    1. King Vexos

      King Vexos


    2. Suhail Asgher
    3. darkxknight101


      ill trade you a shiny snorlax for it. Wont find a better deal then that.


  8. do anyone have shiny core ???

    1. Alan Solis

      Alan Solis

      I have one, what you're offering for it?

    2. Suhail Asgher

      Suhail Asgher

      3 mystic cores

  9. do any one have shiny cells here ??
  10. I'm just 7 shiny cells away from making a shiny complete please help me if u have shiny cells trade with me

  11. i can offer 200 legendary Pokemon for 1 Santapie
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