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  1. ok so ive been searching for weeks now and still haven't a single legendary . to the devolopers , there are way to many legendary pokemon for it to be this hard to even spot when . then I get to feel singled out watchin hundreds of other players collect legendaries left and right . I beat every battle and my profile says im able yet I still see the same pokemon everytime . im getting bored guys . any tips on how to get the to show up more often ??? I used to play crater and it way honestly better . ive played this since 2016 . also some explain how ive been playing this long yet no legendary pokemon …… no legendary's no fun … btw if I don't find a legendary by the end off the day ill be giving this account away and no longer playing pokemon vortex …. I gave it the time
  2. Ill train your weak pokemon to lvl100 within 1 hour just pm me i offer a unique as collateral while i train your pokemon When im done i give back your lvl 100 in exchange for a leggy Also you can keep the unique
  3. If there isn't a vortex app you guys should make one ..... it would be epic . possibly more preferable then the site itself
  4. if i havent reached out to you yet guys please speak now or contact me in game user : shanike11
  5. not much new to this trading thing but trying to collect some good legendaries 5 per Leg --------------------------------------------i have too offer------------------------------------------------ Metallic : Shadow : Shiny : Dark : Mystic :
  6. Vortex its extremely similar to crater but like a far down graded version . pokemon crater was a lot more fast paste legendary pokemon weren't easy to find but not as hard vortex , i mean come on 1 in 1000 is dragging it a bit don't you think . and the experience rate is not the same a tad slower . mega evolutions are AWSOME by the way . The same pokemon pop up entirely too often with the lack of legendary's makes it boring . also no single pokemon was completely unavailable unless you donated remember guy selling pokemon is animal cruelty making us pay for hoopa and etc is unfair ash never paid . and as i remember the trading was more open something like auctions but i hope you guy take my memory in to extreme consideration and bring back the original pokemon crater experience for us thanks for the chance to speak
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