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  1. Still waiting for that Arceus (Unknown) set its been like 5 years 

  2. @Patrick hello sir, I’m messaging you in regards that I miss trolling in the discord chat and I hope that toe infection you went into detail about in our dms together I’m no foot expert but I think you should get it checked out. Also try not to rub too much peanut butter on them when you send me a picture of them it’s hard to find a reason why it’s infected. Thank you for your time sir.

    1. rotoms5


      It's just like covid-19. Even if other players will battle with ur team then it will be infected.

  3. Wish me a happy birthday, peasants 

    1. Patrick
    2. SoupsMcNova


      I’m banning you

    3. ashgreninjaserina


      And how exactly do you plan to ban PATRICK himself?! (Happy b-day)

  4. One of the reasons why I wasn’t active was because I couldn’t type in chat cause I needed to verify my phone number and it don’t even work to do it bruh many rips and sadness’ brosis’ so giv me mod for the troubles 

    1. eurstin


      Give him mod, he's suffered far too much

  5. I have picture proof that Patrick said he was giving me an Arceus (Unknown) set for my Birthday around 2 years ago. This is why ya'll don't trust the British. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Auke1993


      Apparently I'm involved in this.
      I don't remember this.

    3. SpeedStorm
    4. SoupsMcNova


      Still waiting btw

  6. Time to be more active.....











  7. Imagine doing the upcoming event and getting far only for your clan leader to kick you near the end to the point where you have to reset *Looks at The Mob* :ph34r:

  8. The next event starts when you Private Message me your parents credit card information

    1. eurstin


      do you want that really long number on the front or the 3 digit number on the back idk if it works cause i have info to my friend for his forknite skins

    2. Nutella Navigator
  9. Fun Fact: Patrick smells like burritos

    1. sportsandmusic69


      But burritos are amazing. <3

    2. eurstin


      They make you gassy

    3. unknown_citizen


      Fun Fact #2: eurstin smells like sushi.Stunky

  10. April Fools event please

    1. carrliam761


      ya pat will give us a super hard scavenger hunt and when you complete it will say "April fools you just did all that for nothing"

  11. Rollback please

    1. Patrick
    2. Daenerys50


      Lol Patrick should just reset your account only just for mentioning that horrendous word.

  12. I’ll announce the winners of the giveaway whenever I have the time.. sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. carrliam761


      lol this sounds like me i am at mcdonalds right now

    3. v3567


      ^ That's what @Dark_Wolf said too.

      Oh wait... get rekt! xdxdxdxdxd

    4. Dark_Wolf


      Ha! I'm not the only one:ph34r:

  13. If you don't know who I am, the name's Soups and I do giveaways when I think I have at least something worth giving away. Pretty much all the general rules apply: -No spamming -Post your IGN to enter -Don't get salty if you lose The prizes are: 1st: @Nisie 2nd: , , @4rMaGeDoNXx 3rd: , @Vyrexan 4th: , , x2 @baddream Please put something up on trades so I may offer. Thanks for everyone that participated!
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