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  1. Emre.

    Resolved Virus

    Hello, I bought a new computer for 14 days ago. A old model, it was slow to start up, But worked fine after. But then I played Pokemon Vortex and it worked Good. But today While playing my computer broke Down. It wont work again. I dont know if the dealer cheated me or the game has a virus.
  2. Emre.

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading & looking for exp or Shiny Mewtwo Armor, it has 27M EXP
  3. Emre.

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Yes Its normal. And I accept your offer. My ign is SuperEmre
  4. Emre.

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading Shiny Mewtwo with 12M Exp
  5. Emre.

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for shiny mewtwo armor, offering exp Do you want to Trade it for shiny mewtwo armor?
  6. Emre.

    Giveaway Giveaway

    I cant find you. Giratina is up for Trade On my account SuperEmre
  7. So close to be top trainer, yet the is long Way still 

  8. Emre.

    Giveaway Giveaway

    You won. Put a pokemon up for Trade
  9. How much is Cubone Vader worth in exp? 

    1. eurstin


      2 mill for a normal and 4-5 mill for a unique. 

  10. Hi do you want to team up check pm 

  11. Emre.

    Giveaway Giveaway

    No problem do u want to be partners check pm
  12. Emre.

    Giveaway Giveaway

    Post your username below
  13. Looking for a trustworthy partner pm me

    1. Auke1993


      A trustworthy partner? In what?
      Could you explain what you'd want to do with that partner please?

    2. Emre.


      I want to work together 

  14. On my Way to be top trainer