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  1. husseino123

    Giveaway Black and white giveaway

    1.Shiny Guzzlord 2.Draco meter and Fling 3.Goldeen 4.Heatron 5.My team of Shiny leggies IGN: huseeino123 Thx for the giveaway!!!!
  2. husseino123

    Giveaway November giveaway

    Tag or @ him
  3. husseino123

    Contest Regice Giveaway

    IGN:husseino123 Kyogre
  4. husseino123

    Universal TRADE

  5. husseino123

    Christmas Hatchathon


    When I get one there is no notification
  6. husseino123

    Christmas Hatchathon


    There is no notification You have to check yourself
  7. husseino123

    General Event egg

    pokebay and wild battles
  8. husseino123

    Universal Event pokemon + Ultra Beast

    Would you want or
  9. husseino123

    Christmas Hatchathon


    u can hatch on 5th December
  10. husseino123

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    1. husseino123 2. Power Stone 3. Destroy planets 4. Scarlet Witch(in the comics)
  11. husseino123

    Universal TRADE

    Nothing is on ur tradelist
  12. husseino123

    Uniques My dex

    I put them up again
  13. husseino123

    Universal TRADE

    u can have the first 3
  14. husseino123

    Uniques My dex

    Okay they are up
  15. husseino123

    Universal TRADE

    just accepted