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  1. Yeah I think it'd be cool aswell, or else make them trophy Pokémon for completing achievements...
  2. He would not need to make all ancient pokes, just do events for some of the cool ones...
  3. The current leaderboard is based on all in game activity and uses points to judge where you are placed. The idea of a battle tower would be to segregate it away from all the rest of game and a player would have to spend time in the 'battle tower' in order to progress in it rather than their overall account activity... Seasonal leaderboard is easily dominated by people who buy mystery boxes and I personally prefer battling to catching pokes as I have a lot of the map pokes already. Thank you for your kind words
  4. I gave very basic ideas so people could interpret them in their own way so thank you for doing so! My original idea behind the double exp streak system was mostly related to training accounts and exp training, so yes only for the first Pokémon on the team and it would only last as long as you continue using the training account (so once you exit the battle screen it would end) Instead of my proposed method of getting avatars, an achievement list may work better with some avatars as rewards... (I edited my post for this) My idea of the encounter streak came from the fact that it took me 12 hours of searching to find a unique resolute while others find them after an hour or two which seems unfair. So maybe just have this idea for map events specific to the event Pokémon? My idea of the battle tower was actually thinking of making it easy but long just make it a very easy team to beat and see who grinds the most to win the most battles... With your version of the battle tower there isn't much need to restart when you lose a battle, especially if the team is locked in. Offer an option for the player to reset their progress and change the team if they wish. I expect that there will be areas that would be impossible for some teams to beat so that issue would resolve itself. Maybe I'm over-exaggerating the issue of events in mystery boxes but it doesn't seem to be much good for the game as these events value plummet once they are released in mystery boxes... Maybe have exclusive auctions for them with more pokedollars in mystery boxes or else have a limit to the number of events in the mystery boxes and make them harder to find from them Sidequest rarity, simply just raise the percentage chance of obtaining the items. Remove some of the useless items, especially 1 beast ball for completing alola. That is just a slap in the face lol. Bring the rare fossils to a 10% chance would sound good to me. Hoenn definitely needs some work. 1.5%? That's completing hoenn an average of 67 times to get a specific one of those items, which is unrealistic. I would add most of the mega stones of insignificant Pokémon back to the pokemart and keep cooler pokemons mega stones in sidequest, like tyrannitar, gyarados etc. But many of those mega stones are unnecessary to be that hard to obtain as those Pokémon are not seen as very valuable. That last event idea was a stab in the dark but it could work. Have a list of requirements to get the event, eg. Fight '200' 'ghost' Pokémon (or whatever type the event is) and you need to fight '200' of each variant of 'ghost' Pokémon to get all the variants of the event Thanks for the comment, it was actually good and helped to solidify some of the original ideas!
  5. Yes that is what I am saying in your first point (think you may have misunderstood my wording) I just feel like the 'grind' aspect of the game is dwindling away a small bit and perhaps there could be a few things to keep the grind alive. That is what most of my points revolve around and I think that events being rerun is mystery boxes is a kinda cheap way of putting them back into circulation. Maybe make exclusive auctions for them and replace them with more pokedollars in mystery boxes? And yeah you're idea of avatars is definitely good, having a complex achievement system would be cool I appreciate your comment, thank you!
  6. 2) when I say a certain amount of battles, it can be like 5 to 10 thousand or so. It would not be a mess, just gives a reward to people for grinding 3) This came from the fact that it took me 12 hours to find a unique keldeo resolute while other people search for an hour or two and find one... Seems a bit unfair 5) Trophy Pokémon is a really good idea in my eyes, not sure how exactly it could be implemented but i don't see many disadvantages to rewarding players for grinding the game hard, it would definitely appeal to me and I would 100% grind hard if I new there was a cool reward for it! It is to reward the players who want to go hard and spend hours at the game and would motivate them to continue! 7) The idea of the battle tower, was the create more competition between players. The season leaderboard is cool and it motivates people to grind really hard to get to the top... I think having a leaderboard for battles would have a similar effect and would appeal to a certain demographic of the game who enjoys grinding battles out. If the leaderboard just counted sidequest battles it would suffice and would encourage people to do sidequests a lot more as they are kinda a chore for players ATM... 9) maybe it would make it laggy but it would be nice to be able to sort through Pokémon efficiently 11) The fact is that there is only a 3% chance of getting rare fossils near the end of sidequests... It would take an average of 33 sidequest playthroughs to get one of the fossils which seems unreasonable... 12) you're saying it won't be a difficult event but that depends on how many battles are needed to get the eggs... I think it would be unique and be a creative way of introducing an event rather than the usual map search etc. Nonetheless thanks for the comment lol. I'm still standing behind most of my ideas here though
  7. (I don't have any ideas coming into this post but hopefully I'll come up with a few) > It would be cool to have a 'streak' if you complete per say 100 battles consequetively, you will receive double exp for a few minutes on the poke being trained > Create a complex list of achievements that a player can complete to earn rewards such as avatars etc. Make a lot of them related to how the game is played (i.e related to exp, points etc.) > The longer you go without battling on the map, the chance of finding an event Pokémon increases! Just by a small percentage! (This is to make map events 'fairer' as some people have to search significantly longer to find them) > Implement a battle tower, like the sidequests but it is a competition. Whoever gets the furthest in the tower gets rewards at the end of a season! Make the team relatively easy and see who has the heart to persist beating the team for hours! Or else make it more challenging where you lock in your team and battle teams that increase in level as you progress! Eventually you will get to a spot where you cannot progress with your team any longer and you can choose to restart and change your team or else stay at the spot you have worked for! > Stop rerunning so many events in mystery boxes! Maybe release more PPs exclusive to mystery boxes. Perhaps make exclusive auctions for these events and have more pokedollars in mystery boxes? Have a limited amount of these events in mystery boxes? People will lose interest in events if they are always going to be available to buy afterwards as the value of these events plummets every time. > Implement type filters and exp filters in the 'change team' tab for easier training! > Create a filter for legendary Pokémon, events, fossils, ultra beasts etc. > Reduce the rarity of current sidequest prizes. Take out many of the insignificant mega stones from SQ, return them to the pokemart and raise the probability of getting rare items to around 10% or higher > Have an event where if you battle '200' 'ghost' Pokémon (or whatever type the event is) you get the event. Do the same for each variant of the event. (Everything in inverted commas is just can be interchangeable) Let me know what you think of these ideas! I just rattled them all off the top of my head just now, comment if you would change anything about the basic ideas! I did not go into much detail at all, just trying the get the ideas out there and see what people think!
  8. This is also cool! I love the idea of bringing more exclusive Pokémon to the game. An idea I had was maybe the Pokémon can turn pink once you train it to a certain amount of exp! This could be implemented with the ancient theme either
  9. I would love this also! It would be cool to have filters for legendary Pokémon, events etc. in the 'view pokemon' tab aswell...
  10. Yeah I like this ideas too! The only reason why events are attractive to players is because they are supposed to be 'unobtainable' no other way (at least that was my understanding of it). Bringing back that sentimental principle to events will bring back that motivation to participate in the event and obviously collecting these pokes will be pretty cool! Perhaps disable the ability of the ancient pokes just to avoid the overlap with metallics and have ancient pokes purely as trophy Pokémon is cool! Surely Patrick would have the sprites saved somewhere also to make it easy to release these events... I'm down
  11. Hey man, it would be nice if you posted rates up just to make it a bit easier but what would you do for a unique Christmas event?
  12. The user experience sounds good but if you can still keep exp on pokes and its just not counted in leaderboards... That actually sounds good, I like that idea
  13. I do not think it is necessary to change the leaderboard. I enjoy looking at it from time to time just to see who is on top and the top accounts in the game. I would prefer to maintain the fixed leaderboard with the consistent top players on it as it adds structure to the game and gives the new player something to strive towards.
  14. Yeah I like the idea of a loan system if this idea is being implemented. If someone is trading a pokemon it gets reset but you could loan it to someone for a limited amount of time while they grind exp on it possibly?
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