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  1. Tommyometer

    Experience Road to Full Pokedex

    Hey man, it would be nice if you posted rates up just to make it a bit easier but what would you do for a unique Christmas event?
  2. The user experience sounds good but if you can still keep exp on pokes and its just not counted in leaderboards... That actually sounds good, I like that idea
  3. I do not think it is necessary to change the leaderboard. I enjoy looking at it from time to time just to see who is on top and the top accounts in the game. I would prefer to maintain the fixed leaderboard with the consistent top players on it as it adds structure to the game and gives the new player something to strive towards.
  4. Yeah I like the idea of a loan system if this idea is being implemented. If someone is trading a pokemon it gets reset but you could loan it to someone for a limited amount of time while they grind exp on it possibly?
  5. I am against this idea for all the previously mentioned reasons. Just add a new stat like : exp trained by owner maybe on someones account have the amount of exp that they trained themselves along with the other exp and value the trained exp as higher... If you implement this stat anyway the exp trained by owner will naturally become more valuable than traded exp and will turn people off trading for exp without getting rid of the feature
  6. Tommyometer

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop

    Hey man, can you let me know when you have a slot for another customer, I may have a big job to be done
  7. Tommyometer

    Experience Pokemon Exp and Happiness Shop

    Let me know when you can take more customers plz
  8. Tommyometer

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN: Tommyometer Favourite Colour: Blue/Green
  9. I think it would be a cool idea to have more filters for when youre searching for pokemon, in particular type filters!! when i say types i mean the likes of ground, electric etc. This addition would definitely help me and many others out as it would make it easier to find pokemon with immunities... Thanks for reading and i hope this gets to Patrick!!
  10. Tommyometer

    Experience The Famous EXP Shop {Cheap Rates and Fast Service}

    ok no bother and sorry i wasnt on in the last few days and just saw the message now...
  11. Tommyometer

    Haxor69's Giveaway...

    Tommyometer I likes it
  12. Tommyometer

    Giveaway Small Primal Giveaway [Ended]

    IGN:- Tommyometer Thank You... You is nice guy
  13. Tommyometer

    Giveaway Unique Legend Giveaway

    IGN:- Tommyometer I appreciate it!
  14. Tommyometer

    Giveaway Experience Pokemon Giveaway [Ended]

    My IGN is Tommyometer People like you who give makes the commuity so much better and more fun!