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  1. WhiteWash

    Uniques eurstin's Trades

    Gimme ur and and for my
  2. WhiteWash

    Experience Training Center (Update)

    no like i offer my normal eevee for it to be umbreon
  3. WhiteWash

    Experience Training Center (Update)

    @ferradorandre i offered but also 3 unique pokemons you dont have for my eevee to become umbreon
  4. WhiteWash

    Contest Guess the Date?

  5. WhiteWash

    Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    dude refresh the page and you can see the loop of the volcanion so im 50 50 with luna munchlax or volcanion
  6. WhiteWash

    Feedback Revamping Shadow Sprites

    looks like i suggest that you make the normal arceus yellow back thing i little darker
  7. WhiteWash

    Experience Training Center (Update)

    oh sorry i'll accept that then 5M on my
  8. WhiteWash

    Giveaway God's Giveaway Series : Giveaway 4

    IGN: Pigniteboy Your name is GODswithin GOD so ur a savage to so that makes you a savage god
  9. WhiteWash

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    what about and and for
  10. WhiteWash

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    what about if so i want set 2
  11. WhiteWash

    Experience Training Center (Update)

    actually it equals 6M
  12. WhiteWash

    Experience Training Center (Update)

    no thank but for 4M +for 4M = 8M
  13. WhiteWash

    Experience Training Center (Update)

    @ferradorandre my and for 9Mil on my
  14. WhiteWash

    Uniques hhh123s and Pigniteboy's hunting thread

    honestly we don't know because 400 is alot