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  1. Experience

    My arceus is still being trained right? im just confirming since i already paid some downpayments
  2. Experience

    bump, just wanna remind that I still want my shadow rotom to get trained, of course I can wait even if it takes very long
  3. Giveaway

    ign: lezickh
  4. Universal

    I put the arceus uft now
  5. Universal

    You can offer your Groudon, Zygarde, and Genesect on ign: Donation. No You can offer them on ign: Donation. It depends on you how you want to split them on trades and i'll just accept them all. You can tell me your ign here so I know if it was you, dont message ign Donation cuz I turned off messages for that account. I can only accept your offer for Shadow Popplio and Shiny Rotom (Halloween) cuz somecody else offered 1st on Arceus (Water). You can offer it on ign: Donation. You can tell me your ign here so I know if it was you, dont message ign Donation cuz I turned off messages for that account.
  6. Experience

  7. Experience

    can you put the Shiny Water up for trade? let me replace it, I just chose it randomly so idk its banned ot
  8. Universal

    I offered the metallic Arceus and Shadow Arceus (water). just train the Metallic Arceus with my OT to 99M don't go over and make it 100m, just to make sure . Shadow Arceus (water) is your downpayment, so I will only pay you Shiny Arceus (fairy) when you're done
  9. Universal

    Ok where do I offer, I will give you the Shadow Water NOW, I need you to train my Metallic Arceus (just arceus)
  10. Universal

    same format as the other guy, I will also pay downpayment even before you train and u get shiny fairy after ur done
  11. Universal

    can you just pick some of them to make it 99M? I can't go over 100M cuz I have uniform pattern on my exp pokemons 100,000,000 Exp is my limit but i only need you to train 99M so Shiny Arceus Fairy + ?? ??? - 99m
  12. Universal

    I will offer the Shiny Fairy but I am also offering these cuz I also want another pokemon to be trained to 99M so I need the values for each so I know what pokemons to offer
  13. Experience

    I just need it on the Normal Arceus (Electric) with my OT, it is fine even if it takes slower, I am not in a rush, cuz I just want my pokemon to get on upper part of that Top Pokemon list
  14. Experience

    ya, I will give u the other 2 now so I will only give you the Shadow Fairy after ur done
  15. Experience

    That is excactly why I paid a downpayment and asked to train an event pokemon, to make sure I won't back out, don't worry, I'm not like others.