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  1. Experience

    2 months passed, and my pokemon got trained from 900k -1.8m , so fast for "3" people doing the thread
  2. Experience

    so, did this thread got abandoned and we will never get our pokemons back?
  3. hmm, why do I not see my pokemon on current jobs? did commander rayquaza abandon the jobs fromother thread and joined this new training thread?
  4. Experience

    my pokemon is still getting trained right? I'm just reminding, no time limit
  5. Experience

    My arceus is still being trained right? im just confirming since i already paid some downpayments
  6. Experience

    bump, just wanna remind that I still want my shadow rotom to get trained, of course I can wait even if it takes very long
  7. Giveaway

    ign: lezickh
  8. Universal

    I put the arceus uft now
  9. Universal

    You can offer your Groudon, Zygarde, and Genesect on ign: Donation. No You can offer them on ign: Donation. It depends on you how you want to split them on trades and i'll just accept them all. You can tell me your ign here so I know if it was you, dont message ign Donation cuz I turned off messages for that account. I can only accept your offer for Shadow Popplio and Shiny Rotom (Halloween) cuz somecody else offered 1st on Arceus (Water). You can offer it on ign: Donation. You can tell me your ign here so I know if it was you, dont message ign Donation cuz I turned off messages for that account.
  10. Experience

  11. Experience

    can you put the Shiny Water up for trade? let me replace it, I just chose it randomly so idk its banned ot
  12. Experience

    I offered the metallic Arceus and Shadow Arceus (water). just train the Metallic Arceus with my OT to 99M don't go over and make it 100m, just to make sure . Shadow Arceus (water) is your downpayment, so I will only pay you Shiny Arceus (fairy) when you're done
  13. Experience

    Ok where do I offer, I will give you the Shadow Water NOW, I need you to train my Metallic Arceus (just arceus)
  14. Experience

    same format as the other guy, I will also pay downpayment even before you train and u get shiny fairy after ur done
  15. Experience

    can you just pick some of them to make it 99M? I can't go over 100M cuz I have uniform pattern on my exp pokemons 100,000,000 Exp is my limit but i only need you to train 99M so Shiny Arceus Fairy + ?? ??? - 99m