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  1. Giveaway Mystery Giveaway!

    ign: twixero
  2. snoover will get 4.7 million ign: twixero
  3. Answered hows it possible

    how is it possible to get a if in the wiki page it says it isn't available yet? but theres some out there already just wondering
  4. Universal Community Trading Thread

    i hava a dark cranidos offer ign : twixero
  5. so basically why do we get taxed and where does the money taxed go to???
  6. Feedback Rarity and Levels of some Pokemon

    ur lucky u even found a jangmo-o ive yet to even encounter one lol literally 6 hours and not one single jangmo-o has appeared not even a normal kind maybe its juat my account that cant encounter them lol i catch atleast 3-4 legends in 1 hour not always but how is it possible that i cant find one single jangmo-o thats whats bugging me hahaha cux thats the one pokemon i want to catch but no luck what so ever
  7. i cant seem to find anywhere on cave maps at all it doesnt appear what so ever i triwd looking straight for 1 hour and nothing not even normal appears? why is that????? i looked at pokedex and it says its a common pokemon found on cave maps whats going on??
  8. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN:Twixero Color: Blue
  9. Fixed Map problem

    thanks yes it was fixed i was able to play it nice and smoothly yesterday thank u!. (:
  10. Fixed Map problem

    same issue for me and im using the mobile version the maps load but nit completely!! thr arrows dont appear so theres nothing to press to move around maybe its just the mobile version???
  11. my good friend once again ur going ghost hahaha but hopefully u gwt back in the future again (: it was nice being able to play with u man! good luck IGN: twixero good song id say "faded" by james arthur acoustic version haha a good anime id recomend one amd tell u its pretty intense its called "Hajime No Ippo" its about boxing its pretty good if u get a chance watch it
  12. Shiny has more HP Shadow i totally forgot lol maybe imune to poison/paralyzed/burn/frozen not sure?????? Metallic receives less damage then the others Mystic can get an opponent to get scared and skip turns not always but theres a good chance to get the opponent scared Dark deals more damage tgen the rest a cetatin porcentage more damage when u attack Normal is just normal lol
  13. Universal Prophecy's Trading Thread

    Your and for which ever normal legendary i have up for trade that youd like.... my in game name is Twixero
  14. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for 2 shiny poliwags anyone have some??? Message me here