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  1. Giveaway

    ooob hahaha i thought first prize wasnt over yet cx and yes i am
  2. Giveaway

    ign: Twixero thanks for the give away and hopefully u return someday
  3. entered already!..
  4. until

    i totally agree with u i started playing crater when i would spend alot of time in that game and when i mean alot i mean alot of time!. now i grew up and hardly have time hahaha but yes evrything u said i agree with u get reputation bro!.!.
  5. until

    i came to the conclusion that this event is not an actual event for us to capture the deoxys forms.... its obviously an event because it clearly says event but wasnt the whole point of this (event) to get deoxys forms? i think its a fair event because evryone needs to do the same things but unfair at the same time.... ive spent atleast 5 staright days on mission 5, spent atleast 5-7 hours threw out the whole day because we dont all have the same amount of free time but ive actually tried my hardest to actually complete this event and to still not be able to complete a mission because of luck is what makes it unfair... so much time consumed and still cant capture a female lvl 5 mystic dratini... ive captured just about everything even lvl 8 mystic dratini female but just because of a word (Luck) i cant continue to mission 6 even though others got lucky i had really wished this event was like the other events where we all had the opportunitty to atleast get one ONLY IF U ACTUALLY gave up a bunch of time trying to get one or actually put effort but having luck decide ur outcome isnt really what i expected of this event!. still no regrets and still very much appreciatte the fact that patrick took his time to put up an event for us but very dissapointed that not even efforts would make a difference... Anyways Thank you patrick!. maybe u should re-run this event in the future but give us more time lol i just think 2 weeks or 3 isnt enough lol.... will still continue to search for this dratini for this upcoming 3 days lol GG everyone!. I hope im not the only one that feels this way hahahahahha
  6. Event

    Which task or mission are you on? im on the 5th one for 4 days to be exact still no luck i got 2 mystic dratinis and both female but still not level 5 ones .-. Are you facing some kind of difficulty or need some opinions? yea why dont the dratinis appear and or can someone give me a hint of where it appears the most lol Which Deoxys form will you like to have if you complete the mission? all 3 if i had enough time How many will you like to have? all 3 How many hours are you playing this event? around 3 or 4 hours since i work and cant spend more than that Any thoughts about how the event should be for the next tasks or...? hmmmm make it less challenging haha
  7. until

    Mission 5 is frustation to the max everything appears except that lvl 5 mystic dratini how in the world were we suppose to get deoxys forms like that? I've spent 3 days in this mission and yet to find one
  8. Ign: twixero and no cosmogs yet
  9. until

    Damn so I'm half way there barely I'm stuck on 5
  10. until

    how many missions is there? its impossible to find a female dratini lol i found 2 of them level 5 but all male ;o
  11. until

    Lol can't even find level 5 charmander yet
  12. pm me we can talk furthermore threw messages
  13. depends what u want for it?