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  1. actually im doing it on mobile version maybe thats why??? im playing on android... and also ive been doing wild battles and theres no egg drops since last night
  2. how come i dont get a message on mine or notification? i have to go check in the event center to see if i got one .. any ideas why?
  3. ign :Twixero Im prolly the best player in fifa 19!
  4. Expect The Unexpected! Ign: Teixero
  5. I have a up for trade make me an offer if its good ill accept! IGN: Twixero
  6. ign: twixero 1. The Mexican national team 2. Hirving Lozano 3. yes i do very much 4. yes ur good thank you for the contest and good luck everyone
  7. thank u and any normal pokemon up for trade on ign: twixero
  8. ign: twixero thanks for give away and option 6 please
  9. Good luck man sucks to know top notch pokemon vortex player leave after some time bug i know theres other things to do!!... ign: Twixero
  10. how is it possible to get a if in the wiki page it says it isn't available yet? but theres some out there already just wondering
  11. i hava a dark cranidos offer ign : twixero
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