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  1. DannyV

    Giveaway Biggest Giveaway

    thank u and any normal pokemon up for trade on ign: twixero
  2. DannyV

    Giveaway Biggest Giveaway

    ign: twixero thanks for give away and option 6 please
  3. DannyV

    Contest Shadow Rotom (Cut) Giveaway

    ign: twixero
  4. Good luck man sucks to know top notch pokemon vortex player leave after some time bug i know theres other things to do!!... ign: Twixero
  5. DannyV

    Giveaway Mystery Giveaway!

    ign: twixero
  6. snoover will get 4.7 million ign: twixero
  7. DannyV

    Answered hows it possible

    how is it possible to get a if in the wiki page it says it isn't available yet? but theres some out there already just wondering
  8. DannyV

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    i hava a dark cranidos offer ign : twixero
  9. so basically why do we get taxed and where does the money taxed go to???
  10. DannyV

    Feedback Rarity and Levels of some Pokemon

    ur lucky u even found a jangmo-o ive yet to even encounter one lol literally 6 hours and not one single jangmo-o has appeared not even a normal kind maybe its juat my account that cant encounter them lol i catch atleast 3-4 legends in 1 hour not always but how is it possible that i cant find one single jangmo-o thats whats bugging me hahaha cux thats the one pokemon i want to catch but no luck what so ever
  11. i cant seem to find anywhere on cave maps at all it doesnt appear what so ever i triwd looking straight for 1 hour and nothing not even normal appears? why is that????? i looked at pokedex and it says its a common pokemon found on cave maps whats going on??
  12. DannyV

    Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    IGN:Twixero Color: Blue
  13. DannyV

    Fixed Map problem

    thanks yes it was fixed i was able to play it nice and smoothly yesterday thank u!. (:
  14. DannyV

    Fixed Map problem

    same issue for me and im using the mobile version the maps load but nit completely!! thr arrows dont appear so theres nothing to press to move around maybe its just the mobile version???