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  1. rohithnaikhero

    Error Trade error

    Hey. I am rohitnaikhero and I was trading my Pokemon to a different account but when I select the Pokemon to offer and then tap on offer Pokemon on the next page there must be command that I have successfully offered my poke in green colour but that doesn't appear and neither there is any other command... Can you please fix this soon... Please help me admins and mods...
  2. I have shadow Vader what u can give for me for that
  3. rohithnaikhero

    Universal mrnxmndrgt Trades

    Need hoopa inbound ... Trading 6 events and 100m xp my ign rohithnaikhero
  4. rohithnaikhero

    Giveaway Caterpie (Christmas) Giveaway

    I love pokemon vortex tq for creating this game Patrick and rob
  5. rohithnaikhero

    Giveaway Caterpie (Christmas) Giveaway