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  1. mintyminty1

    Giveaway Rotom giveaway

  2. mintyminty1

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking to trade 3 scatterbugs: 2 normal and 1 mystic.
  3. mintyminty1

    Answered Joining clans?

    Hello, I'm not really sure if this belongs here but I can't seem to find any information about it. I was wondering if there is a thread (or if not, an appropriate section on this forum) where we could talk about/recruit for clans. Like, for example, someone had a clan but wanted to find members for it (that sort of thread). Please also answer if there is no such place on the forums. Thanks you!
  4. mintyminty1

    Uniques mintyminty1's Trading

    OK I am now adding a list of unique legendaries that I would be willing to trade for the right offer:
  5. mintyminty1

    Uniques mintyminty1's Trading

    Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Trading Thread (Will Be Updated Daily)! Rules Rates NORMAL LEGENDARIES FOR TRADE UNIQUE LEGENDARIES FOR TRADE UNIQUE NON-LEGENDARIES FOR TRADE ***Please remember: I will be adding/updating with more/different pokemon everyday. Also, for unique non-legendaries I have only listed ones that I have in excess. If you are looking for a specific one that I have not listed and have a really great offer, feel free to PM me and I will check to see if I have that one in stock. Thank you very much! ~mintyminty1
  6. mintyminty1

    Angrybirds44444's First Contest/Giveaway

    23 IGN: mintyminty13 Thank you!
  7. mintyminty1

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Hello everybody, I am currently looking to trade: At this time, I am only looking for other normal legends I don't have (1:1 trading) and unique legends (I can trade multiple normal uniques or add unique non-legendary pokemon). I may consider taking a couple non-legendary uniques that I really want as well. At this time, I am NOT looking to trade away any of my unique legendaries except maybe so please don't inquire about them. Thanks!
  8. mintyminty1

    The Jolly Shop™

    Or for ? (I can also add a couple uniques to this)
  9. mintyminty1

    The Jolly Shop™

    + + ++ for ?
  10. mintyminty1

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I now have a Shiny Darkrai that I am willing to trade as well. Has been traded.
  11. mintyminty1

    Loki'd! A Giveaway (Ended)

    1: mintyminty13 2: Megamind (sorry I am a big Disney fan) 3: I would probably not survive, but I will go down fighting by attempting the break up the boat (assuming the boat is made of wood) and try to stab the sharks in their eyes with the splintered ends of the wood. 5: Possibly both but I'd say more generous Thank you very much for hosting!
  12. mintyminty1

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for the following pokemon: Legendaries Uniques What I have that I am willing to trade: Legendaries: Uniques: I have a lot, so feel free to browse through my pokemon. Note: I also have some legendaries that I would be willing to part with if I had to, but the ones above are ones I am ready to trade with. I have never traded pokemon before, so I am not very knowledgeable in what is fair/not, but for the legendaries I am looking for I would be willing to trade 1x other normal legendary or unique pokemon. For the unique pokemon, I would be willing to trade multiple unique pokemon or perhaps a normal legendary. Thanks, and although I will check here, I would prefer it if you messaged me in game: mintyminty13.