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  1. I think this is the best for me, I'm going to be quiting for a month or two. It's just I need to get somethings straight. I might be on chat but probably not. Peace guys

  2. People who ask for reputation are just so annoying.

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    2. 123Aman-2


      I'm also annoying , give me rep also ... :P 

    3. Haxor69


      I wantz repz i iz so common bro make me mre famouse with giving rep bro pls

    4. Deathbane210


      Gimme dat rep mane, i mean c'mon, reps rep, u gimme rep, ill vote trump and 'take care' of hillery

  3. Guess who will be starting a giveaway in the future? #FootyHype #KappaPride

  4. People who reply on their own comments are just so annoying

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    2. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.
    3. unknown_citizen


      At least they know how to make comments on his status profile. idk how to make posts on my profile

    4. unknown_citizen
  5. Dyl.Is.AlwaysChill

    Uniques My lil trade feed

    What are the exp's for the pokemon?
  6. Who cares if I'm a leafy fan. He's funny IN MY OPINION. Don't get so triggered. Plz.

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    2. Dyl.Is.AlwaysChill
    3. Patrick


      Doesn't matter if the forums are dead, honestly. Forums as a social aspect for everything have been dying for years, they're an old form of communications for communities with a steep learning curve and strict rules depending on the community. People can't be bothered with message boards any more because social media groups such as Facebook are easier to use and aren't "policed" as heavily by the community's owner.

      If something needs to fade out then just let it. Pointing it out doesn't do anything but bring it down further. If people want to use the forums, they will, if not then they won't. I have no plans to remove the forums so they'll be here whether they're used or not.

    4. GodsWithin


      @Patrick Forums will never die *cries silently*

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    2. unknown_citizen


      Lmao. This reminds me when someone(a scammer) tried to sell me his Pokémon Go account, telling me that he had a Mewtwo!

    3. Dyl.Is.AlwaysChill
    4. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.