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  1. Xp training jobs

    this lol...try trading a bit more to know the real rates
  2. On the evo screen,there is a check box to replace attacks,sometimes we forget to check this. Then evo has same weak attacks.Please make this checked by default
  3. Experience Echo's Arceus Form exp shop!

    he already put a disclaimer lol
  4. Experience Trading my Pokemons for exp.

    mate please learn about trading rates before posting
  5. Answered Clans "skill branch"

    What is the use of "skill branch" in clans? Eg:Fire,water etc
  6. Experience The Greatest EXP Shop Ever by carrliam761

    Looks like OP done the vanishing trick

    lul wut
  8. Universal Trade for what im looking for...

    Please post in the community trade thread if u have only 1 pokemon to trade
  9. Experience Echo's Arceus Form exp shop!

    I think hes new here Also: OP doesnt even have any 1 mil pokes
  10. like u said,ppl want their OT Having a beast ball gives them a choice of which UB to catch (pokebay may not have that UB/too expensive)
  11. Idea Sidequest Prizes.

    totally agree...completing 1000+ battles for a probopass avatar and some money is plain dissapointing.
  12. Legendaries Tuning's legendaries trade thread

    ok then any 2 of these ->Registeel,jirachi,genesect,terrakion,landorous,reshiram?
  13. Legendaries Tuning's legendaries trade thread

    Your for my + ?
  14. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    Dp worth about 4- 5 unique electrics,Unique cosplay 2-3,unique rotoween 3.