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  1. Legendaries Tuning's legendaries trade thread

    offered them
  2. Legendaries Tuning's legendaries trade thread

    ok then any 2 of these ->Registeel,jirachi,genesect,terrakion,landorous,reshiram?
  3. Legendaries Tuning's legendaries trade thread

    Your for my + ?
  4. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    Dp worth about 4- 5 unique electrics,Unique cosplay 2-3,unique rotoween 3.
  5. Legendaries Vitol Legendaries for Exp or Fossils

    lol no...it is UFT on snail1
  6. Legendaries Vitol Legendaries for Exp or Fossils

    As per your rates,unique rare non-shny = 500k Both your mystic mega mew2s for swampert 1mil/.?
  7. Report Scammer: Trinabh402

    dont reply to this guy just block
  8. Yup. Stats reset to 0: Wild battles:
  9. Fixed Halloween Togepi

    Dynamic ips.Someone else who shares your ip range may have claimed it.
  10. The new acc will also get the bug eventually.altho u can see how long it lasts.Dont worry tho,many ppl are getting this even 2014 accounts like @skyfame @Super_GodVegeta.It will get fixed eventually.
  11. Yup,it wasnt there initially but now its on all my accounts.New AND old(Sting888,JeXs). Seems like theres no way to remove it.Appreciate the response
  12. I guess both,althought noone really knows when v4 will be out execpt Patrick
  13. Alright.So there is no way to recover the account?Or at least transfer one pokemon?
  14. When i go to any battle it says you lost,stats reset to 0 and it shows i dont have any pokemon in 'view all pokemon".I would really like to save this account cuz its a 2014 one.Also it had exp.(IGN:Sting777) Seems like the same bug others are reporting.Please have a look into this @Uncle_Psychic
  15. Experience Cadderly's Training Trades

    offered the next 5 on mys reiggias