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  1. !sXeJ

    Experience Train Pokemon

    maybe because u havnt finished anything ? Also dont double post. @sportsandmusic69@Tyheamma
  2. !sXeJ

    Experience Trading/Training

    ok traain any 6 to lvl 100 for shiny garbodor
  3. !sXeJ

    Answered Seasonal Trainers

    please dont double post. @sportsandmusic69
  4. !sXeJ

    Resolved Cant Switch Pokemons From Team

    Try using google chrome on PC and report back
  5. !sXeJ

    Answered Everyone please answer me....

    Your location is dynamic based on your last login. If u really wanna change it u can use a VPN/proxy or smthn i guess
  6. !sXeJ

    Universal What Wonder Trades Have You Gotten?

    yeah sure,especially since wondertrade has been down since v3 ended
  7. !sXeJ

    Experience Train Pokemon

    Thats fine mate
  8. !sXeJ

    Experience Train Pokemon

    What? "Galiga" didnt even post in this thread, Also i offered u 10x pokemons for 1mil when are u going to do mine?
  9. !sXeJ

    Answered Arceus ( Ghost )

    thats what we thought last year (2016?) and we got a togeween instead
  10. !sXeJ

    Experience Offering Exp! (New Deals!)

    Dont double/triple post. @sportsandmusic69
  11. !sXeJ

    Answered Arceus ( Ghost )

    he had the arceus ghost since before last halloween lul
  12. !sXeJ

    Experience Train Pokemon

    he cant scam , becaus i told him to just train the magby.
  13. !sXeJ

    Experience The Greatest EXP Shop Ever by carrliam761

    This carrliam761 is banned,no point posting here. @sportsandmusic69 @Tyheamma
  14. !sXeJ

    Experience Train Pokemon

    just train the magby to 1mil for 10x lvl 100s
  15. !sXeJ

    Experience Train Pokemon

    i will offer u twice of what he offered