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  1. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Any events interest you on my IGN Iceflake99109
  2. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Still Looking^
  3. Discussion Next Event

    I knowww! my favorite is
  4. Discussion Next Event

    I'm hoping for a Dratini event! I just think they look SOOOO cool!
  5. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for or Msg me on forums or ingame for further trade discussion IGN Iceflake99109
  6. Universal MY events trading thread

    Hi i'm interested in your metallic mystic and dark rotomdexes, anthing interest you on my IGN? Iceflake99109
  7. Events MY events trading thread

    No thankss
  8. Events MY events trading thread

    Whats your offer What do you want for them
  9. Events MY events trading thread

    Yes the ot is unbanned but nty Yea you did
  10. Events MY events trading thread

    Idk Nty No thanks
  11. Events MY events trading thread

    Mhm which one in particular Haha ok, what do you want for it? no thanks Sorry again dude but the mewtwo's don't interest me
  12. Events MY events trading thread

    Please don't trade with other people on my thread, do this somewhere else Dam kinda wanted shadow volca but its fine, sorry but those don't interest me Yes, what you wanting for them? And which cosplay is it No thanks Sorry nty That does look pretty cool but no thanks Hey, yes i still have the Pokeball haha, and its depends wht you want for it
  13. Universal Arslan's Trade Thread

    What would you rate your volcanion and what do you mean by what do i rate my events in dps?
  14. Events MY events trading thread

    So as you can see this a trading thread But this time its mine QUESTIONS 1.WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Nothing in particular but i DO NOT want Legends, Uniques. I want other events and donations (Shadow is my favourite type hint hint ) 2.DO YOU TAKE EXP? No, I don't trust exp 3.WHAT ARE YOUR RATES Not sure, I just usually do what everyone thinks is fair or how many of the event/donation exists and what type it is EEEENNNNJJJOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYY I'm very busy with things other than vortex so I'm sorry if I take awhile to reply..
  15. Universal Community Trading Thread

    LOOkING FOr set of rotom pokedex besides shadow IGN Iceflake99109 have a look and pm me for further trade information