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  1. Universal

    Not trading that much for normal sorry
  2. Giveaway

    IGN-Iceflake99109 None because i'm too slow at typing lol Thanks bro
  3. Universal

    What type is it?
  4. Universal

    Idk have a look IGN Iceflake99109
  5. Universal

    Wanting unique or Trading other events
  6. Universal

  7. Universal

    Omg yes Will be offering on quite a few
  8. Universal

    @hhh123 PM about Solgaleo? @Lukensz PM in game about Cosmogs
  9. Universal

    Looking For (Any Type) or (Any Type) I really love Cosmog and his evolution so it would be greatly appreciated if i can organise a trade with anyone! Will trade trade anything !!
  10. Events

  11. Events

    I meant no, coz i want a Pokedex Set sorry
  12. Giveaway

    Iceflake99109 (Hehe) CaptainX is a sick lad Its completely up to you what course you take
  13. Events

    No thanks I don't want or but the rest im interested in, can you find something? Not the best at deciding
  14. Events

    ooo yes, and idk find something
  15. Iceflake99109 or