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  1. Number : 10 (Just because this is messi's number) Ign : All_Stars Thnx for the giveaway
  2. What if the new year event also requires pokecoins and @Patrick is making u spend all your money on this one. :kappa:

    1. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      Nah, broski he said in discord he is giving every one free promo codes to get event pokemon. Basically, free event pokemon this time.

  3. I once offered some1 3 unique Missingno. + 3 unique Arceus (Water)Rotom (Halloween) set for his Shadow Caterpie (Christmas).


    Now thinking about that person again in this event im laughing at him xD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. soulweeper616


      I mean you got the worst end of the deal now,you got that right? 

    3. GodsWithin


      LMFAO I don't think he does lel

    4. skyfame


      I forgot to add that he declined the offer :/

  4. Well idc which 1 i have so offer on skyflame
  5. This is @eurstins trade thread so if u wanna trade then trade with him. To trade with others go to community trading thread or pm that person instead of destroying his thread.
  6. Nope digletts more rare as santapies were there before and more r being added
  7. Trading this weirdo for something else what u guys have to offer
  8. Spent 120K on spinning and i finally got a combination.............................................................................









    Thank you pokemon vortex for returning my 4K pokecoins after making me spend 120K your so generous *_*

    1. eurstin


      Ya, the whole returning thing annoys me cause i think i got a code, but instead, I got like 1/100th of what I paid lol

    2. ShinySlime


      i have spun 1,000 times and no match


  9. Woah! The price per spin for me is 4000 :/

    Anyways i got 37 million :P

    1. Phoenix


      But... you used to have 37,000+ spins 

  10. Giveaway has ended and the prize has been claimed i think this topic can be closed now @Uncle_Psychic
  11. LF : . Offering random unique or many normal leggies pm me how many u want. Also offering many lvl 100 unique pokemons from ign All_Stars. Dont ask me what i want give your offer first then we negotiate.
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