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  1. Mobile Pokemon Duel

    how do I download this on my windows phone??????
  2. share pictures of ur kutta

    wow bro.. thats where my mothers girlfriend on facebook lives... here is picture she made
  3. share pictures of ur kutta

    wow bro that kutta is cute!! where did you buy him??
  4. i will starthis name is keith please react with cry if he cute thank you
  5. Semi-Hardcore Everwinter

    *In-game name: MaliciousMoonsault *Forum name: Kaylum *Discord name: Kaylum *Current team: Bidoof, Mystic Excadrill, Altaria (Mega), Buneary, Cherrim (Sunny) & Dark Arbok Dream team: Anything with donations in it. Referred/invited by: Pokémon starter choice: Charmander *Artist, writer or just a trainer: Trainer Links: *Why you want to join Everwinter: Because the owners of the other clans are bullies and won't let me in. Other:
  6. Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    ign:Kaylummm Number:69
  7. Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    yeah, I made a mistake whilst typing that. there we go, fixed
  8. Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    I can probably offer a set of dark starters (popplio, litten and rowlett)
  9. Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    I don't really want to give the events beforehand, in case you get banned or something. You can take my word. Also, shiny pichu does work
  10. Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    Can it be on any poke of yours? I don't care which oh, I just found the rest of the events you need too, how much exp total?
  11. Giveaway Yer Uncle's giveaway

    ign:maliciousmoonsault ok my number is 15 hope you like my fan art, it took very long time to find
  12. Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    Sure, that's fine. Can you start training now or?
  13. Universal Prophecy Training Thread

    bro, i have all the sun and moon starters you need... how much exp can you offer bro?
  14. Giveaway Legend Farewell Giveaway

    ign:MaliciousMoonsault bye bro