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  1. Universal MissingShadowPokemons(A)

    I have ...
  2. Bug Weird insta-death glitch.

    I could try to recreate it, sure. I'll edit this post when I get a screencap of it.
  3. When my pokemon attacks just as the opponent uses a sleep-inducing move, the opponent seems to instantly faint with no "___ has fainted." dialogue. I'm not sure if anyone else has gotten this glitch, or if it's just something with the pokemon/moves I use, but I've gotten it a few times. If it helps, my Metallic Darkrown is usually attacking when this glitch occurs.
  4. Experience The Greatest EXP Shop Ever by carrliam761

    for 2mil on my ? EDIT: for some reason i thought it was 3 mil. my bad!
  5. Contest Pokemon give away

    IGN: yeox769 Thank you!

    IGN: yeox769 Number: 48
  7. Giveaway Legendary Pokemon Giveaway.

    IGN: yeox769
  8. Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    yeox769 number: 120
  9. Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    yeox769 no cosmogs yet thank you!
  10. Giveaway Daily/weekly giveaway

    27,000 (65,882 total) IGN: yeox769
  11. Answered ...Glitch?

    I went to catch a pokemon in one of the maps and I noticed that I got a bunch of Hyper Potions out of nowhere. Should I be concerned..? I don't really know what to do about this...
  12. Answered Wonder Trade

    Yup, it did. Thank you! ...Also, how do I change the prefix to this post to "Answered"?
  13. Answered Wonder Trade

    Hi, So, I've heard there's wonder trading on this site, but I can't figure out how to get to it. Can someone help me out?