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  1. IGN: zxz10 My first giveaway. I'm probably not going to get anything but it's worth trying.
  2. Sorry for posting really late but yes, go on. If you have a Shiny Celebi, I will accept with two other uniques of your choice, Just putting it out there.
  3. Accepted also you still not carrying on the Say the disorder thing?
  4. It is already but OK.
  5. zxz10

    General what did u skip today?

    then right next to it and on another map I landed on and went past it. That was the unluckiest day of my life.
  6. He doesn't want it anymore so you can offer. But could you put one or two uniques to go with it, seeing it's a Dark Groudon, seeing it can evolve to primal.
  7. zxz10 is my ign. Also, check out my trade page if you want something!
  8. OK, may I have Shiny Roggenrola, Shiny Gligar, Shiny Wynaut, Shiny Mawile, Shiny Pawniard and can I just push it with a Mystic Starly?
  9. Ok! Anything really, reasonable of course
  10. Thx... for some reason I knew you could do that but I didn't use it, thanks for telling me!