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  1. Accepted ty
  2. Trading Looking for plz message me if interested
  3. Searching for offering any legend from my trade kiwinugzfan for those.
  4. until

    I like the event concept of completing missions to get the deoxys but needing the correct lvl ,type & gender of pokes is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Maybe setting a mission of a lvl 5/female unique poke such as pichu might have been better than needing an exact lvl, type & gender of the poke especially for a early mission. Just my opinion though.
  5. Srry no longer have jedi
  6. Okay don't worry about Omanyte u can offer lileep for togoween if u like
  7. What type is your Omanyte?
  8. Looking for all offering plz message me if u have any of those fossils & are interested in any of those events.
  9. No srry no longer need nrmal litten. Looking for fossils & unique alolan starters offering met Jedi met pika xmas & nrmal diglett xmas.
  10. Trading met Jedi or met pika xmas for unique Alolan starters. Also looking for nrmal litten.
  11. I got a bunch of uniques uft on kiwinugzfan if u have nrmal litten or pop polio.
  12. Nrmal Jedi for it?
  13. Trading met pika xmas, nrmal diglett xmas & nrmal & metallic Jedi
  14. Looking for kyogres offering nrmal diglett xmas
  15. Giveaway

    Kiwinugzfan ty