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  1. https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/trade/search/kiwinugzfan/
  2. Easier way to find it. search kiwinugzfan & click go right to the top & click view trades & go straight to page 11
  3. The icon with the two arrows pointing each way third symbol when you search kiwinugzfan
  4. If you look at page 11 to 21 on my trade page I believe those are shadows & shinies
  5. Any specific shiny or shadows got a lot on my trade page kiwinugzfan if anything interests you
  6. Been out of the game for years but have come back today. Still have heaps of stuff up for trade plz offer if interested. Not sure what rates are these days but please offer something I don’t have on kiwinugzfan.
  7. Trading a bunch of uniques on kiwinugzfan. Looking for any unique cutiefly for those
  8. Trading unique legys for any 2 unique alolan pokes I don't have.
  9. I don't need a shadow Groudon do u have any Alola uniques?
  10. I got a met Groudon & met mewtwo if u r interested in those
  11. looking for all Aola uniques plz offer or message me if you have any for trade.
  12. Trading Looking for plz message me if interested
  13. Searching for offering any legend from my trade kiwinugzfan for those.
  14. until

    I like the event concept of completing missions to get the deoxys but needing the correct lvl ,type & gender of pokes is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Maybe setting a mission of a lvl 5/female unique poke such as pichu might have been better than needing an exact lvl, type & gender of the poke especially for a early mission. Just my opinion though.
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