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  1. You catch Nihilego and Buzzwole and other ultra beasts with Beast Balls or Vortex Balls. Beast/Vortex Balls are obtained through sidequests, mystery boxes or PokéBay.
  2. eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend. Shiny Magmortar with 11.5 mil Ign=Charizardawesome4
  3. Ign: charizardawesome4 Good luck it what comes you way!
  4. The option to change between day and night has been removed and works based on the in game clock found on right of the vortex toolbar.
  5. The option for the switch between night and day has been removed. Map time is based on the in game clock found at the top of the Vortex toolbar.
  6. You can win mega stones by completing regions in sidequests.
  7. Starters are still there, they have just become more rarer.
  8. Ign: Charizardawesome4 Song: Something Just Like This- Chainsmokers Show: The Big Bang Theory Hope you come back!!!
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