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  1. Dark Arceus (Electric) + 7 mill for the both of em?
  2. It is an event, the Zap Plate is gained through sidequests but only for a limited amount of time, thus granting it and Event title.
  3. I have a Shiny Kyurem (White) which will have 40mill soon, interested? Also have Dark Arceus Electric and Multiple Primals with a collected amount of 10+ million and 2 rayquazas with over 8 mill together.
  4. It seems I do not fit the requirements, hope you find what you are looking for
  5. up to 2m for 10 unique legends? Best service! +repped
  6. TRADING: AND AND AND AND < (8 mill) AND < (7 mill)
  7. Hey, uhm I think it's quite evident @v3567 owns Pa3ick, all of v3567's contact information is testtest and Pa3ick leavs a little couple of hints in the comment section of his Vortex profile

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    2. yadonmvp22


      He only had one pokemon, a Pidgey with 100 million experience.

    3. v3567


      My Swiss pokemon account is overflowing ;)


  8. I can also offer lots of scatterbugs and unique scatters and unique eevees aswell as unique legs
  9. Congrats! Man now he has like 100 Unique Kyurem Forms hahaha!
  10. What do you want for Arceus (Electric)?
  11. Trading a with 20 mill exp, what can you offer for it?
  13. I have plenty: yadonmvp2 all on trades
  14. Thanks again for the giveaway, you're such a kind person! I hope I win! Hope really good things happen to you in life!
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