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  1. A number of times I have had my Shadow Litleo and Seel that I use when I catch Pokemon on the maps be scared by a variety of Mystic Pokemon. Typically I play this game on the Microsoft Edge browser, OS Windows 10 21H2
  2. On balance I do not think that this suggestion, as it stands, is a good idea. Some have made good points above: I want to dwell on the following. Exp is a big part of the trade market, and taking that away as suggested will put a not insignificant hole in it. As much as I don't value exp in and of itself, preferring Pokemon I have an attachment to or are good in battles, I will still acquire it because others desire it. The Pokebay does encourage some trading that otherwise wouldn't occur, true, but having as many decent options as we can to encourage players to want to trade their Pokemon is a good thing. Related to the point above is the ability to use otherwise rather useless Pokemon that are surplus to your needs and train exp onto them rather than releasing them. (Note: I have little trading experience and have no idea if people care what Pokemon their exp is attached to) I do think the concerns about the leaderboard is overstated. Unless someone practically gives it to you, or you buy donation Pokemon with real money when they are available, to trade with, you are going to need to put a lot of effort in to be able to trade for all the exp you need anyway, exp reset or no exp reset. Legitimately obtaining 160+ million exp doesn't just grow on trees after all. As such I would prefer a reset if over 1 million exp or a 10-20 percent exp tax upon a level 100 pokemon changing hands as less harsh alternatives.
  3. Ril, the Showdown tournament is running now in case you didn't see it, Have you looked to see who you're paired with?

  4. I've managed to get 5 unique Pokemon from wonder trades so far, including a Mystic Eevee
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    Sorry about being so long, I'm offering on them now
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    I have x3 , could I have your for them please?
  7. So you are now my stalker? :P

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