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  1. Universal

    I need only Shinys. If u have another Shiny Legend I don't have we can trade.
  2. Universal

    I have Dark Arceus and want Shiny Kyogre. Offer IGN: ExHunter
  3. Uniques

    A 10M for ur Shiny Pikachu (Christimas) ?
  4. Universal

    Looking for Shiny Legends I don't Have. > Offer Special Legends. Looking for Event / Donations > Can pay with Special Legends / EXP
  5. Contest

    IGN: ExHunter
  6. Event

    Hi Guys, Is impossible to complete this events, I'm 6 days, all the day, hunting a Mystic Dratini lvl 5 female, but IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.
  7. Uniques

    Looking for Shinys Vivillon. Make offer in ExHunter
  8. Universal

    Looking for Shiny Legends or Shiny Unoob's. Have some pokemons in trade to offer. IGN: ExHunter Made offer or PM-ME
  9. Universal

    Looking for , or others Shiny Legens I don't have. Offer pokes in my trade! IGN: ExHunter. PM me in game, or make a offer.
  10. Resolved

    I'm trying to login jn game, but every time I try, the page refresh to log in screen. What I can do?
  11. Universal

    Hey guys, I'm looking for Shiny Legends I don't have. Have some pokemons up for trade, life a / / and others, Have a and accept shiny events for trade. IGN: MasterDevil
  12. Universal

    Looking for See my pokes in trade and send a PM with a offer. IGN: MasterDevil
  13. Universal

    Looking for I can offer my pokes on trade. Send a PM in game to MasterDevil
  14. Comércio

    Procuro e . Ofereço os pokes que estão no trade. Manda PM in game ou Quote aqui. Nick: MasterDevil
  15. Universal

    Hello guys I'm lookin for or See the pokes I have on Trade, and give a message in game/quote here. IGN: MasterDevil