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  5. Hi Patrick
    I have caught a normal Charmander lvl 5 female as it says in mission #3 in the event center, but it keeps saying: " The gender requirement has not been met." Why does it do that? It's really annoying and i hope you can help me pls. :/
    My IGN: Zamir, you can look my profile and see that i do have a female Charmander lvl 5.

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    2. Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Haisum Arif Sheikh


      I was trying to help.

    3. Baris


      Release or put up all the male level 5 charmanders for trade. Then click check. The code seems to bo checking only the first charmender caught after the event started.

    4. Zamir


      Yes i know Haisum, sorry it wasnt my intention to sound angry or mad.
      Baris thank you very much, that was the problem. It was checking the first Charmander only :)

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    IGN: Zamir Already subscribed, and keep up the good work btw
  7. Today when i logged on Pokemon Vortex and tried to claim my Alolan Starter pokemon, it said i already own one, but it was my first time trying to claim one and i also dont have any on my pokemon team or trades. To be more precise it said: "Sorry, it appears you have already claimed an Alolan starter from Pokémon Vortex." I dont know if this is a bug or what it is, but i hope you can help @Patrick. :'(