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  1. i have normal and shiny rotom pokedex for trade, anyone with good offers?
  2. i have dark kyurem, im interested in ur shadow core + mystic cell + unique legy, mi ign is kaze, offer =) (now i read ur msg xD)
  3. im interested in ur mystic ph. d how many vivillons uniques will u want for it? i have the ones u want
  4. i have a santapie and shiny rotom halloween, are u interested?? i have some of the uniques u said too
  5. im interested in ur shiny,shadow,metallic and mystic cell.. i offer 6 dark cells for the 4 urs, are u agree???
  6. i have shiny pikachu jedi, mystic pikachu jedi and normal jedi looking for other events, pikachus cosplay or santapies :B
  7. Buen trabajo Daried!, no tenia idea de muchas cosas, gracias por hacer una sección en español, se agracede mucho
  8. IGN: Kaze Number of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : 42 times ahahahahah thanks =)
  9. Yo tengo 1 para intercambio marllon, que ofreces? mi nombre de usuario es Kaze
  10. I have a shadow vivillon polar and a metallic vivillon polar i want to trade! For other vivillon unique, anyone? Kaze is my ign =)
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