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  1. Universal

    I'm actually in the middle of a trade involving the latias atm, is there anything else you'd be interested in? Sorry
  2. Universal

    Accepted x
  3. Universal

    Are you looking for unique or normal legends? How about 1 uniqe legend or 3 normal?
  4. Universal

    Do you have any pokemon I need atm?
  5. Universal

    Another shiny I need or a shiny of similar value?
  6. Universal

    How about dark Meditite?
  7. Universal

    How about for all? They're all up for trade on beyonduniques
  8. Universal

    Okay, offer on it? IGN beyondalarmed What would you want in exchange for the other 3?
  9. Universal

    IGN? Put it up for trade and I'll offer x
  10. Universal

    Offer on it? IGN beyondalarmed , it's UFT
  11. Universal

    The Shiny Lapras has about 120 k, if you're interested in that one. I can train another up, if you'd prefer? Anything specific?
  12. Universal

    Looking for and UFT listed at
  13. Universal

    Looking for IGN beyondalarmed
  14. Universal

    No thank you x
  15. Universal

    I have a shiny espurr already and it's evolutions, sorry