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  1. I am looking for them, not trading them or giving them away
  2. I see you have a and a I could trade my two for these two if you think that is a good deal
  3. Hi, I am dishpart, and I am looking for Arceus Forms Pokemon I am looking for Things I am willing to trade Good Trading!
  4. i have a , a , and a I also have more events to trade Would that be good for an ?
  5. I have an and a How much exp is that worth?
  6. I want the and the . Would a and a be a good trade?
  7. I can give a or a for the whole set could I get like 5 of the level 5 and like 5 of the level 5 I could give you a or
  8. you can check my account and see what you want for the Eevee set, my ign is dishpart
  9. you need to beat all of the gyms, elite fours, champions and battle facilities if you have already done that then you can go on the maps and look for them, but they are rare
  10. are the azurill and cleffa both level 5 or 6?
  11. would a level 100 dragonite, would that be okay?
  12. Howdy, I am looking for these pokemon The Pokemon I am offering BTW I can also buy them instead of trading You can message me on here or in game, my IGN is dishpart Just offer on here and I will either accept or deny it
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