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  1. Both DAY & NIGHT

    Just explain to me how paying and going to a safari like ride during the day make it night time?? Day and night stability actually makes the game more interesting I my opinion... U can like trade stuff with night guys if u r a day guy and vice versa... Or there are loads of other ways u can compensate for Ur Pokemon needs... U r giving an idea that is as senseless as the V3 day night change option where u just click a button and change time....I don't think this idea will work out well even if implemented....
  2. Feedback Rarity and Levels of some Pokemon

    U guys... Why u asking for V3 over and over again like this??? As for the wiki.... Don't go with it just yet... It still needs changes... Why don't u sit,relax and think hard as to why v4 gave all that rarity and high level to a specific set of pokemon... If u don't get it, here's a hint: no pain, no gain....
  3. Idea login streak bonus

    It was actually supposed to be that way... Patrick for some reason removed that and made it completely random...
  4. Feedback Nickname

    When the nicknames were introduced, it was said that they were gonna be portrayed wherever possible.... But after the end of the battle and the spot where u r announced the cash and exp and all... The Pokemon seem to not have their nickname displayed .... But their species or whatever it is gets next to the pic... Well.... That's the thing...
  5. Idea Mystery prizes

    This is just a random idea that came to my mind.... There exist long stretches of quests where u keep getting balls for prizes.... I was just thinking about mystery boxes and what worth they would be to the world and the quests if included as prizes for quests ( ofcourse doing that would reduce their worth but there are people who wouldn't mind)....
  6. Feedback Click trick

    Thanks for informing me about the cause... Now I can be careful...
  7. Feedback Click trick

    The clicking in v4 has been a bit shaky especially during battles... It's a bit hard to describe it... For example in every battle the attack at the top is selected by default... Or the one u used in the previous battle without changing Pokemon... Now when u click on another attack and click attack it just uses the attack previously used or set as default rather than the attack chosen... I think it's a button sensitivity issue.... I hope this is the right section to send my feedback about this... Also hoping for changes...
  8. Idea Login streak

    The title says everything... It's just an idea but the profiles displaying a login streak would look cool...
  9. Both Avatar count

    Can something be done like making the avatar list in the item section into pages or something so that we can get a proper count of avatars??? Also stuff like ordering them by count may help....
  10. Idea Sidequest Prizes.

    You guys are totally asking for V3 again... Why do you think Patrick even did what he did???
  11. Contest V4

    All right guess its finally time to choose the winner... but before that I think we all MIGHT have got a clearer (still blur though) idea of whats gonna hit us at v4(if its ever gonna HIT us hard enough for us to recognize it).... anyways I've gone through the votes and fortunately been able to shortlist 4 guys who have their votes in the most voted... now I wouldn't care if those votes were pre-planned or an honest opinion... and I wont pull a munchlax on the winner trust me... Now coming to decide the winner... I shall assemble numbers to each one of the four guys in the ascending order of the time in which they voted... so: 1)Seahawksnation 2)KYNO 3)Fire Blaze 4)VITOL Now reaching into the bag to choose a random number.... The winning number is.... 86???? Wait sorry this is vortexbot's bag.... (screw you nebby!!!!) Now reaching into MY bag to choose a random number.... And the winning number is.... 4!!!!! Congratulations VITOL!!! you won a !!!! Just give me your IGN and put some trash uft.... I'll be sending you that diggimas.... Anyways thanks for your participation in the first contest that I've ever hosted.... (Also if I have missed any name.... just leave a message here... I'll look into it...)
  12. Contest V4

    21 October 2017... btw I am curious that you of all people are the only one whose posts are on this page....
  13. Contest V4

    Exactly what i wanted... By the way I am a saiyan...
  14. Contest V4

    Hey guys participate in the v4 poll and get a chance to win a . Just answer the given questions and hope for the options that u chose to be the option that is most voted. One lucky winner at random from the draw of all those having ALL their answers as most voted will win the prize.
  15. Uniques Great unique trading area