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  1. Contest V4

    21 October 2017... btw I am curious that you of all people are the only one whose posts are on this page....
  2. Answered What's the value/cost of a Missingno??

    its totally worth the glitch!!!! if @Patrick were to remember....
  3. Contest V4

    Exactly what i wanted... By the way I am a saiyan...
  4. Contest V4

    Hey guys participate in the v4 poll and get a chance to win a . Just answer the given questions and hope for the options that u chose to be the option that is most voted. One lucky winner at random from the draw of all those having ALL their answers as most voted will win the prize.
  5. Error unique pokemon not adding up

    I am not sure if this is a bug or an error, but the unique pokemon count just doesnt go up when i get a new unique pokemon. My ign is Super_GodVegeta and for some reason, my unique pokemon count has stayed 4412 for quite a long time. I have caught plenty of other uniques and also evolved a lotta pokemon since then, but it wouldn't go up. I tested the other info in there like wins and losses, total points, and exp and they all seem to work properly. Also everytime I get a unique through evolution and then try searchin around in the maps, all the pokemon that i had already caught are shown without that pokeball which means to say that i didnt catch it. When I log out and come back in, the map thing returns to normal but my unique count still remains the same. I wanted to know if my account is glitched or something like that and also hope for help from the squad of munchlax.
  6. Uniques Great unique trading area

  7. Uniques Great unique trading area

    i ll give u afor a shiny furfrou, shiny eevee, shadow scatterbug and shadow eevee... deal???
  8. Giveaway Caterpie (Christmas) Giveaway

  9. Game Ban the person above you

    banned cuz i am a RUDE guy...
  10. yup it doesnt make sense... now i know what my limitations are and will not cross them...
  11. i see... i apologize if i were nature is reckless and i will try to rectify it...... my losses made me a bit mad... so i just went bananas...but remember this... i have nothing to gain from being rude to you... i mean what's the point???i just wanted to know what happened to my posts... i respect you as the administrator and thats that... i had to report errors but i went a bit further and pressurized on the thing... now i know what mistakes i time on... i assure that this wont repeat again... ever... once again... i apologize...also i am looking forward to u know what....btw thanks fr the returning the favour and helping me out personally... i respect that...
  12. I had put up multiple posts about this both in this page and on a seperate page that i created for the very same reason- the glitch... i still am unsure on why my replies got deleted on his page... also want to know why the page that i created on this topic shows that the problem is resolved...(spoiler alert:its STILL there)....
  13. my gosh... guess i m a bit luckier in this case... i only get wild battles doomed... and that too its cuz of my laptop problems... try giving ur laptop a neat servicing...
  14. Game Ban the person above you

    Banned because somebody finally showed up...
  15. Just wanted to know if u r still facing the glitches... cuz i m getting blasted with em...