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  1. HI UNCLE when did you became a rajeshkhanna fan

    1. Uncle_Psychic


      have been for the past 12 years or so ever since I have started watching movies

    2. HunterHemsley
  2. Report He wants to cidnarp my family

    @VITOL He msgd you at the wrong time THE HOUNDS OF JUSTICE ARE BACK
  3. Discussion What Fidget Spinner u have??

    I have a wwe spinner never spins
  4. Resolved COSMOEM

    Hey I don't know if we can change attacks of ultra rare pokemons or not but my cosmoem can't change his attacks set from the change attacks bar whenever I get in it never shows even a single attack sry if I am writing something wrong as I was offline for so many days I have forgotten everything
  5. Hi! How have you been, @HunterHemsley?

    1. HunterHemsley


      O hi I am bored with v3 nowadays looking for the release of v4 just come online once in a month ...

  6. please igve me the price which i have won on universal unique giveaway of yours

  7. Game Staff vs. Members: The Countdown!

  8. Game Count to 1 billion!

  9. Giveaway Universal Unique Giveaway #1

    please offer on my audino or any other normal poke non legend thnx forthat and sorry for late reply
  10. General please vote here

    I got an offer for my
  11. Giveaway Universal Unique Giveaway #1

    IGN- andrethegiant thnx
  12. Game Keep One, Change One

    ky no eagle
  13. Game Keep One, Change One

    bald girl
  14. I am back

    1. Scheryar Saqib

      Scheryar Saqib

      Welcome Back .... I guess


    2. v3567


      Now why don't you post more updates such as these, you "stup2id idi2ot"?



    3. HunterHemsley


      see my reply to you on my profile blind A@S@S

  15. Game Keep One, Change One

    heavy cat