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  1. you alive st@P@d .......... maybe some other day:/

    1. eurstin



      Last visitedDecember 28, 2017

      Maybe next year 

  2. feels good to be back

  3. HunterHemsley


    Shiny Zekrom Stats Level: 100 Experience: 301,565 Happiness: Info Pokédex Number: #644 ID: #0005546598 Owner: andrethegiant Original Trainer: Game996 Attacks Bolt Strike Outrage Thunder Crunch Edition Evolution Shiny Zekrom is at its final stage of evolution. TO ENTER PLEASE FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT -TAQIKAZIMI11 comment your vortex username or dm me in insta or vortex thnx
  4. HunterHemsley

    Idea login streak bonus

    And I wanna know why ......
  5. HunterHemsley

    Giveaway [NEW] Rotom Forms + $1,000,000 GIVEAWAY

    I Subbed ign-andrethegiant thnx bro
  6. HunterHemsley

    Contest Contest to win a Shiny Giratina! (NOT ORIGIN)

    My favourite Pokémon is metwo. My favourite trio is Mewtwo(armour), Arceus(fairy) and Raqyquaza (MEGA) My favourite number is 28 Rayquaza can Mega Evolve in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire only if knows the move Dragon Ascent. NOTE----- The Rayquaza will evolve only after the Rayquaza in the Delta Episode has been captured. Before it no Rayquaza can Mega Evolve, even if they know Dragon Ascent. AND LASTLY MY IGN andrethegiant . THANKS
  7. @Patrick how do i get to know about a pokemon like how many are there in vortex i want to know about a mystic primarina


  8. i wanst there can anyone tell me what appened at the halloween event what were the prizes


  9. HI UNCLE when did you became a rajeshkhanna fan

    1. Uncle_Psychic


      have been for the past 12 years or so ever since I have started watching movies

    2. HunterHemsley
  10. HunterHemsley

    Report He wants to cidnarp my family

    @VITOL He msgd you at the wrong time THE HOUNDS OF JUSTICE ARE BACK
  11. HunterHemsley

    Resolved COSMOEM

    Hey I don't know if we can change attacks of ultra rare pokemons or not but my cosmoem can't change his attacks set from the change attacks bar whenever I get in it never shows even a single attack sry if I am writing something wrong as I was offline for so many days I have forgotten everything
  12. Hi! How have you been, @HunterHemsley?

    1. HunterHemsley


      O hi I am bored with v3 nowadays looking for the release of v4 just come online once in a month ...

  13. please igve me the price which i have won on universal unique giveaway of yours

  14. HunterHemsley

    Giveaway Universal Unique Giveaway #1

    please offer on my audino or any other normal poke non legend thnx forthat and sorry for late reply
  15. HunterHemsley

    General please vote here

    I got an offer for my