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  1. Sorry for the large delay in replying to anyone. Haven't been on much. Need to update need lists. but pokemon stock is updated. @thekrath Uhm.. Not quite sure what you mean there. @josephlegendry I don't actually need any of those asides two shiny gibble (if that's what you were meaning instead of gobble. typo?) @dishpart Thank you for the trade @biscier Please just make an offer. I don't really have the time to look through igns.
  2. @Maz32145 I couldn't respond to your message ingame because you have your inbox closed I'm happy to trade as long as you're happy to offer a few things from the list on my main post @JirachiAJ >.< sorry but I'm not actually looking for legendaries, only to trade the ones I have listed here. I don't even have any Mimikyu myself. I hope that doesn't come across as me being bothered, I'm just a bit confused haha. @Yousy-RT Depending on what uniques. If they're evolved ones from my list probably about 4-5 I don't usually do rates
  3. Sorry for not updating in a while >.< Everything should be up to date now, also added my small stash of spare events~
  4. @dishpart I would be interested yes What are you after in exchange?
  5. @dishpart It might be but I'm not seeing any Xerneas on there (asides Neutral) and Dark Keldeo (Resolute) so maybe that's what you saw? Anyway I'll update it again as you're right on Tapu ^^ Sorry for wasting your time
  6. @dishpart Hey there, sadly I don't need any of those asides the Bewear and I'm not quite as interested in nicknamed pokemon, sorry
  7. Looking for: Offering: A legendary or two from my trades. Ign is Azelas
  8. @JirachiAJ you pinged me but quoted someone else... so I’m a bit confused at your response. I already said twas okay to offer some of those uniques you offered in your original post on the legends you wanted?
  9. @990295233HEREWATSUP I'm not looking for DPs on this topic, drop me a message ingame or here if you feel like it ^^
  10. @JirachiAJ I'd be interested in the lot. However I don't have a shiny Sableye sadly. I'd be happy to offer a few of the normal legends though ^^ They're all in trade already so just offer on which ones you'd like. @Fire Blaze I haven't had a chance to look yet but i'll just say I'm looking for around 20 level 100s from that list for it >.< I'll have a look and let you know though if that's reasonable for you.
  11. @Tristanjung21 Might be a good idea for you to edit your post to remove my original post so it's not so large? You currently don't have anything i'd be interested in but it looks like you don't have very many pokemon at all and certainly none i'd be interested in, sorry
  12. So over my time playing Vortex I've somehow managed to acquire a rather large collection of spare legendaries that have just been sitting around for far too long so I'm looking to trade them. What I'm looking for: Anything from this list: This List - Ctrl f to search (Last updated 3/9/18) EXP Pokedollars Things to note: Clearly state your offer. Your _ for my _. Any offers just asking to look on an ign will be skipped If I have any events or DPs here, I am only looking to trade those for other events DPs. Feel free to message in-game with questions or offers. This will be the fastest way to get a response! All pokemon are already in my trades asides Event/DPs. My IGN is Azelas My Current Legendary Stock: (Last updated 3/9/18) DP/Event: Normal: Ultra Beasts: Dark: Metallic: Mystic: Shadow: Shiny:
  13. Ign: Azelas Thanks for rehosting the giveaway Good luck to everyone!
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