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  1. And the clock strikes, signifying the end of round 1. The 3 numbers in my mind were 8, 13 and 61.


    -The closest to 8 was @bilal.anwar's guess of number 10.

    -The closest to 61 was @RaZoR's guess of number 69.

    -To my surprise, @Mark Thompson hit the bullseye, number 13 on the dot. Congrats!


    3 of you put something up for trade and reply here once you're done. I will be doing this constantly until i run out of pokemon to give away. The next few rounds could include unique legends, unique non-legends,  unique fossils, amd occasionally events.


  2. I have 3 numbers in mind. Comment a number, and the 3 people who gets it the closest to any of the 3 numbers will win 10 random unique legends. If you get the exact number you will get 20 random unique legends. 


    Post ends when there are more than 10 entries . Only one guess per person

  3. offered you most of the ones you want for free
  4. offer any pokemon of yours on any one or two low level event in my up for trade page. i'll accept it
  5. events for trade at ign : azuredragon
  6. Create to my account for any pokemon in return
  7. Everything for trade. PM if interested

  8. you claimed a Caterpie (Christmas)

    1. glaceon001


      has the event already started?

    2. azuredragon
    3. glaceon001


      how do you have a caterpie already i havn't even lined up two pikachu

  9. ign: azuredragon song: alan walker - faded
  10. can u train my pokemon to 50 million exp for 2 unique arceus electrics?
  11. Looking for Normal Zygarde Complete, Dark Zygarde Complete and Shadow Zygarde Complete. Pm me
  12. ign azuredragon 1) wooper 2) Blastoise (Mega) 3) Donphan 4) Zoroark 5) Latios and Latias
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