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  1. IGN: Maliha12 Song: Attention - Charlie Puth Anime: Pokemon. Thanks!
  2. Can u train my to 3 hearts for 5 unique legend and 7 normal legends? If yes than how much time will it take to finish? and where to offer? @leoCRAN
  3. Ign: Maliha12 Number: 88 Congrats! And Thanks for the giveaway! https://goo.gl/images/Ds9NKM
  4. Thanks You can offer on my My ign is Maliha12 Have a good day! @KYNO
  5. Ign: Maliha12 Fav Poke: Happy Birthday! And Thanks For The Giveaway!
  6. Hey, My and for 300 k on my ? @lrichards92
  7. Can you hunt Florges(orange) set, Butterfree set, Magby set and lucario set? I can give you 4 normal legends and 1 unique legend or 3 unique legend
  8. IGN: Maliha12 Thanks for the giveaway!
  9. Oh than after how much time will u train my pokes? I'll give these legends: @leoCRAN?? can u tell if u can train my pokes?
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