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  1. Hai friend. I think you didn't understand the tool fully. You need to enter the data in current exp box. This tool will work for any kind of exp. Please enter whatever exp you have in the box. It'll guide you to round off that exp to nearest 1000. Try entering 50,483 in the box in that tool.
  2. Hai. Greeetings to all. My IGN is YaziR from Clan Envious. We've seen many Pokemons with perfect experience like 1,000,000; 10,000,000; 20,000,000 (See the image below). Many don't know how to achieve this perfect exp. It includes lot of calculations. So I've made a tool to do it easily. I've seen few post on the same topic before. But this tool is very efficient and easy to work. This tool will help you to achieve these perfect experience with three simple steps. Every step is very clearly explained and easy. Link for the tool: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ddsel9QstYgp_PS9BsDeaQQhzczirExVxinOUglPiec/edit?usp=sharing It is self explanatory tool. No special instruction needed. Few tips. 1. This will work only for lvl 100 pokemons. 2. Only one can work at a time in this sheet. It's a Gsheet, so many can edit it simultaneously. So if you see someone else working wait for them to complete. You can even take screenshot of the standing instructions quickly. 3. I've also added the direct link for the battles. Now its easy to click the link to open the battle. If you have any doubt or found any bugs/errors/miscalculations please comment here. Note: This is a beta product. So work on your own risk. Credits: IGN: "500Exp"
  3. Okay. Then after that, please do 1 mil training for my Dark Blastoise (Mega)
  4. Yes. Same. Hope admins take this under consideration. Same pokemon. It is not critical hit.
  5. The power for Fling is 130 whereas the power for Punishment is 200. But Fling doing more damage than punishment. Why is that?
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