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  1. Universal

    Thankyou seth Why am I always late for such good trades But would wait for the shiny groudon.
  2. Universal

    Hi seth, sorry to bother you again, Can you trade your shiny groudon for my shiny kyogre ?
  3. Universal

    Hi seth, Can you trade your mystic mew for my dark zekrom please. I'm on the verge of completing my mew set .
  4. Universal

    back with a few pokes from your list seth, Thankyou.
  5. Universal

    Hi seth, I have moltres and groudon-wanna trade them for your ho-oh and rayquaza. Thanks
  6. Universal

    Hi seth, Can you trade and for and ? Thankyou.
  7. Universal

    Lol. I just caught it today .....;)
  8. Universal

    Hi seth, Let me know if you are still in need of a shadow rotom; I've got a spare Thankyou.
  9. Universal

    Sure seth, will do
  10. Universal

    Not a problem seth... I should have reframed my request with a bit more clarity. I will re-offer the shiny reshiram for the shiny zekrom though. Thankyou for the reply .
  11. Universal

    Hi seth, Have offered a few pokes for your unique legends; Please check and accept only if you feel the offers are good enough. I've offered a shiny reshiram for the shiny zekrom.... And also offered a mystic cresselia for your mystic dialga ..accept only if you feel its right . Thankyou
  12. Universal

    Thankyou seth, I am in need of some unique legends.....I mostly have normal legends, let me know if we can strike a deal
  13. Universal

    Hi Seth, Got these from your wish list ; Thankyou.
  14. Universal

    Thankyou seth, I ain't interested in shiny groudon or kyogre...and it wouldn't be proper for me to ask for them anyways. Let me know if I can offer on metallic ho-oh.
  15. Universal

    Got a few of 'em seth, Thankyou.