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  1. i want to purchase 2 slot as well, My discord is Silver Fang#3709, and my IGN is Shaambhai. Le me know what you need next
  2. Just an unique common map poke i don't have yet
  3. Welcome to my trading page I am looking for pokemon i don't have yet. Doing 1:1 trading, so for example an unique legenday for an unique legendary I don't have yet. For the special pokemon send me a private message and we will discuss the price/trade The pokemon i have for trade are: Special pokemon Mega pokemon Legendary Rare map pokemon Common map pokemon Missing pokemon
  4. Kartana is an ultra beast and an ultra beast can only be caught in a vortex ball or a beast ball!
  5. I am still doing an exp job for Cosmos5, when i am done will contact you
  6. Hi my discord name is Silver Fang #3709, I wanted to ask you what you need for the normal, shadow and dark unown (0)
  7. i need to train 10 pokes to 100k? so 1 mil exp in total. it is 2.5 mil pokedollars
  8. Hello guys, I am getting active again on this platform. I will do (catch) jobs for you guys, so shoot me a message pokemon vortex IGN:Shaambhai. Jobs as exp training, catching specific pokemon or happiness training. Rates: Accepted jobs that i am working on: Completed Jobs
  9. shaambhai

    Promo Codes

    what pokemon needs 1 mil exp and how long do i have if i take the job?
  10. what do i need to give for the kyurem white, (unique) unown (1) and the shadow arceus rock?
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