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  1. Universal [CLOSED] Pokemon Bounty Hunter

    Hmm, I will try to buy one, but how are you going to get the beast ball? If I buy it, how are you going to get it, you are going to have to buy it.
  2. Experience Echo's Arceus Form exp shop!

    EchoCHALLENGE, it is me kyrone1507. Are you trying to say that if somebody gives you Arceus (Ice), you will give them 1 million exp on one pokemon? Sounds like a bump if you ask me.
  3. Universal [CLOSED] Pokemon Bounty Hunter

    Pokemon I am looking for: Shiny Arceus IGN: kyrone1507 Thanks!!! And since you are skipping pokemon, could you try finding me a Ultra Beast like Necrozma if you can. Do not mind if unique or not.