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  1. Giveaway

    YEEEEES, thanks a lot mate. Already uft an unonw
  2. Experience

    Offer on the unown mate
  3. Experience

    @seth1129400 your pokes are done and uft, don't forget to offer the pokes u want to be trained
  4. Experience

    @GodsWithin your poke is done and uft, please offer your payment
  5. Hey bro have u got in touch with any clients ? ^_^ lol im just asking since I've been bored all day doing nothing xDD

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    2. ferradorandre


      Already tould you, my ign is ferradorandre. Still not understanding what u want

    3. yaduamal


      my wrong become mistake

    4. yaduamal


      kabali daaaaaaaa

  6. Universal

    Heeeey mate, sorry i couldn' t help you but i wasn't online until now. It's seems to me that you did a great job. I'm not doing hapiness training anymore so if i get a job for that in my thread i'll pass them to you. If you are fast, legit and honest people will start to trust you and you will have a lot of jobs in the near future. Good luck mate
  7. Experience

    Normally one day or two, but right now i have 4 jobs in front of you. So, i really don't know
  8. Experience

    heey, you took to much time, that promotion is no longer available
  9. Experience

    @eurstin sounds good, offer on the unown uft
  10. Experience

    the math is wrong, that only adds up to 9,2m, but i don't want the Dark Cresselia and i just want 1 Mystic Genesect, so i'll do 8,5m for that
  11. Experience

    @Linley i'm not taking jobs over 12m right now. @eurstin for Metallic i'll do 2.5m and for mystic i'll do 4m
  12. Experience

    @bilal.anwar your is done and uft, please offer your payment
  13. Experience

    @Mark Thompson offer the poke you want trained on the unown uft on the ign: ferradorandre than. And 1m for the shiny or for the mystic?