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  1. Experience

    @Minson Soh for the i'll do 1,000,000. For the primal i'll do 6,000,000 if the OT is not banned
  2. Experience

    @Nutella Navigator of course not, pikamas are not rare at all and i have them. Hapiness training is a long job and tiring.
  3. Experience

    @Nutella Navigator mate that offer is very very low and you have to providenciar all the pokes you want trained. @rishivojjala014-2 i don't need aggrons anymore. @KYNO the same to you, no more aggron needed
  4. Experience

    @seth1129400 can't promise sonner than 16/06/2017
  5. Experience

    @seth1129400 i accept 1 set of aggron and 1 set of aipoms, but from the second set of aggron i just want the shiny, mystic and shadow. But i'll do the 3,5m still because of your big offer
  6. Giveaway

    ign: ferradorandre See the messages
  7. Experience

    @KYNO can't do that. 200,000 it's already high exp for that
  8. Experience

    @Minson Soh you can, but if you offer now maybe i'll start sonner. your call
  9. Experience

    @Minson Soh Offer on the unown uft on ign: ferradorandre I should start working on it on 26 or 27, it will be done on 07/06/2017 or sonner
  10. Experience

    I can do until 1,900,000
  11. Experience

    @Minson Soh i just want these i'll do 1,600,000 for them And be carefull with the double post just edit the comment
  12. Experience

    @Minson Soh 200,000 at max
  13. Experience

    I have one job in front of yours, but probably tomorrow
  14. Experience

    @seth1129400 good to see you back mate, i don't add more pokes to the rates because i don't want to have more than 4 or 5 jobs at once and i don't want a single job to be over 3 to 4 million. Do you have anymore unique aggron's or aimpom's apart from those sets? Because i still need a few more. Offer on the unown uft. @rishivojjala014-2 it's a deal mate, offer on the unown uft
  15. New Pokes in the Rates, check them out.

    @eurstin mate, you Mystic Cubone (Vader)is done and uft, please offer your payment


    1. eurstin


      Thanks! I offered your payment on the vader. I'll come back for more deals :D 

    2. ferradorandre


      Accepted!!! I'll be waiting mate