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  1. Hahaha hisoka

  2. Radioactive

    Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    Probably would be nice if you included how you got those numbers. Also, for anyone wondering, you should probably expect to spend at least a couple of days trying to find it, if not weeks.
  3. Radioactive

    Event Deoxys (Forms) Event - Discussion

    Which task or mission are you on? 1, gave up after finding out what the 5th one was (I don't have weeks to spend on getting it lol) Are you facing some kind of difficulty or need some opinions? Would probably enjoy the event more if the tasks weren't ridiculous to complete. Which Deoxys form will you like to have if you complete the mission? All 3. How many will you like to have? 1 of each How many hours are you playing this event? 0 Any thoughts about how the event should be for the next tasks or...? Not something that should take weeks to get since not everyone has the time. (Should still take some time, just wouldn't want the time to be based on luck)
  4. Radioactive

    Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    To be quite honest, I gave up with the event as soon as I figured out what the 5th challenge is (the probability of finding it is ridiculously low) as I don't have the time to commit to it. Oh well, guess no deoxys for me.
  5. Radioactive

    Deoxys Scavenger Hunt


    Considering there's 0 people who have completed this event so far (based on Pokedex numbers of the Deoxys forms) are you planning on doing something different (perhaps changing some of the challenges?) to get the Deoxys forms? It would seem like the event is a complete failure if not a single person could complete it, given the difficulty of the challenges.
  6. Radioactive

    Giveaway SoupsMcNova's Giveaway (4?)

    IGN: Radioactive
  7. Radioactive

    Giveaway Helen's Giveaway #1

    IGN Radioactive
  8. Radioactive

    Giveaway Wheel Of Pokemon

    Probably the hardest one, not worth the reward lol.
  9. Radioactive

    Giveaway Wheel Of Pokemon

    Urban Reign for round 2?
  10. Radioactive

    Answered Pictures on Forums

    Follow my boy Zeus' guide Upload your image to imgur and copy the image address from there.
  11. What Pokémon did you get upon logging in? I got a Metallic Mareep.
  12. Radioactive

    Favourite Trio

  13. Radioactive

    A little problem about my id in forum

    It would be ideal if you claimed the prize using the account you entered with, but I'm sure they can make exceptions if they know you're the owner of the account you can't access.
  14. Radioactive

    Answered Status Update