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  1. Which task or mission are you on? 1, gave up after finding out what the 5th one was (I don't have weeks to spend on getting it lol) Are you facing some kind of difficulty or need some opinions? Would probably enjoy the event more if the tasks weren't ridiculous to complete. Which Deoxys form will you like to have if you complete the mission? All 3. How many will you like to have? 1 of each How many hours are you playing this event? 0 Any thoughts about how the event should be for the next tasks or...? Not something that should take weeks to get since not everyone has the time. (Should still take some time, just wouldn't want the time to be based on luck)
  2. Probably the hardest one, not worth the reward lol.
  3. Follow my boy Zeus' guide Upload your image to imgur and copy the image address from there.
  4. What Pokémon did you get upon logging in? I got a Metallic Mareep.
  5. It would be ideal if you claimed the prize using the account you entered with, but I'm sure they can make exceptions if they know you're the owner of the account you can't access.
  6. I'd like to see the Therians or Deoxys forms soon
  7. As long as you didn't lose yourself
  8. Why were our Pokéballs replaced with Greatballs?


  9. Nah. There will always be people who find ways to cheat the system. We're in a much better state than we were in V2 (from what I've seen), so that's a plus. Famous IGNs being taken doesn't call for a reset either lol. Personally, I'm against a reset. Edit: Oh, and as for the 2 month reset - I understand a lot of people are upset (as was I), but you have to realize this game is still in beta. These situations are inevitable, and every time we face them we learn something new. In the future, if a reset does happen again, it'll be limited to 24 hours (thanks to the new preventative measures set by Patrick), something that probably wouldn't have been done without the reset.
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