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  1. You must defeat all trainer in gyms and special battles ( not including sidequests ) to be able to hunt legendary pokemons. If you want to hunt alolan pokemons or want to evolve your pokemons to alolan forms, then that time you need to defeat all 1871 trainer in sidequests.
  2. Can I change the country where I came from in my account? I came from Asian but somehow it shows up my country is USA. Pls answer me. I appreciate it! Thank you
  3. Whenever I try to evolve my pikachu to raichu, it just showthe normal raichu, not the raichu alolan. If I want to evolve to raichu alolan, what should I do? I caught the pikachu since v3 and I finished the sidequests already and I reset it. Is that why I could not evolve to raichu alolan? Thanks for answering my question ^^
  4. Can anyone help me pls? It said it must be near the special magnetic field in sidequest to evolve charjabug to vikavolt? I really dont know what that is. Can anyone pls explain clearly for me? Thanks! <3
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