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  1. General what did u skip today?

    No Ultra Beast balls...
  2. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    Ign: Santos45 Color: Orange
  3. General Name Rating? (Nicknames)

    Hellion Firestorm Jiraiya Azules (Blue) Jack Plata (Silver)
  4. Answered cant find starter pokemon

    It makes sense. Typically you can't find starters in the wild. I did however catch a level 36 Snivy yesterday so they are still there.
  5. Idea Ideas for vortex

    Sounds horrible more things for people to beg for.
  6. Event What pokemon have you won in the slots?

    My luck went down hill have the Dark Diglett
  7. Event What pokemon have you won in the slots?

    Dark Diglett (Christmas) Shadow Pikachu (Christmas)
  8. General Should V3 be reset?

    It doesn't matter to me. Either way I'm restarting all over again. From what I see we're going back to the point after my account was hacked.
  9. Archive Super Secret Giveaway

    IGN: Santos45