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  1. Both Deleting Banned Accounts

    Don't you hate it when you're trying to search for a pokemon in the trades and the owner is banned half the time? I know I am.The title is pretty self-explanatory- instead of banning people, they'll just get their accounts deleted a week after they get banned. This may also make the game run faster (but I'm just guessing).
  2. Idea Discord: International Text Channels

    So we can warn people that it will be unmoderated and that Vortex will not be at fault for what is on that channel.
  3. Idea New Event Pokemon!

    But there's already a Cubone Vader, so not likely. Perhaps a Decidueye Leia? THAT would be cool. Or an Inceniroar stormtrooper
  4. Game Type With You Eyes Closed

    Well, let me turn on caps lock first with eyes open.... i PLAY pOKEMON gO EVERYDAY oh oops forgot caps lock was on... but at least i was accurate...
  5. Today I learned that when looking for 4chan, it is 4chan.org, NOT 4chan.com. #scarredforlife

    1. eurstin


      lmao you should have just typed 4chan into google. The first result for 4chan.com is 4chan.com virus :) 

  6. Giveaway i make giveaway brosis

  7. Game Staff vs. Members

    Oh look. No one is online to stop us. 6
  8. Game Keep One, Change One

    Dirty Thoughts
  9. Other Cubone (Vader) Discussion

    Normal. *sigh*
  10. You have 69 followers...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nutella Navigator
    3. GodsWithin


      I followed him so he's at 70 now :P Have a nice day.

    4. eurstin


      @GodsWithin yung god why u following so hard?

  11. Game Staff vs. Members

  12. Game Count to 1 billion!

  13. Game Staff vs. Members

    Considering that some people have trouble with Count to one biliion, I'm surprised this game actually works!
  14. Game Staff vs. Members

    @GodsWithin Update the score my guy. @Uncle_Psychic HA! Take that! Why thank you, the good luck came in handy!
  15. Game What was the last thing you ate/drank?