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  1. @VITOL should keep his forums profile pic the same forever in remembrance of this event.

    1. VITOL


      what i want is just forget it and think that deoxys event never existed :/ 

    2. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      But it will Deoxys forms will forever be in the game, I'm sorry to say. It will impossible to forget. Instead, keep the profile pic as a battle scar- you lost, but what doesn't kill you makes your stronger. Unless you're @eurstin. Then it makes you weaker.

  2. Idea

    Vivillon is a demonic Pokemon- it's Pokedex number is 666. Why not acknowledge this with a Halloween Vivillon event this Halloween? Halloween Vivillon should look demonic, with red eyes and horns, and red or orange wings. After all, if other Pokemon have Halloween forms, why not this one, too?
  3. Clan

    Never mind, I just found your IGN on the forums via a comment on your profile. Yes, you may join, you have more than enough rodents to qualify you. @xShadowz_
  4. Clan

    What rodent or cat Pokemon do you have to qualify you? Also, I can't "call you" anything, but what is your IGN?
  5. Don't give up the fight for Mystic Dratini! We can do this!

    1. VITOL


      yes, then good luck with the rest of the challenges in 2 days :\ 

  6. Check out the Squirrel Army ThunderClan post under clans! I know my clan is currently named Squirrel Army, but I'll be changing the name when clans come back up.

  7. Clan

    One day, the clans WILL return. When that happens, some of you will be interested in joining clans or creating your own. I'd like for each of you reading this to consider joining the Squirrel Army ThunderClan. Joining the SQA ThunderClan has its benefits- if you're new to Vortex, the Squirrel Army will quickly help you train your Pokémon and beat the gym leaders, Elite 4, etc, so you can find legendaries. Also, the members of the Squirrel Army will have your back. Running low on potions? Surely someone would have a surplus and would be willing to share. There is ONE requirement to join, however. You must have a rodent or cat Pokémon. Be it Pikachu, Rattata, Meowth, or Bidoof. So long as you have a rodent, you can join. Rodents that are eligible are as follows (I'll be inserting Pokemon a little at a time, you'll have to forgive me for not having a full list immediately): Cats are eligible as follows: If there is a Pokemon you think should be on here that isn't, please comment below. If you are interested in joining, please comment below with your IGN. LEADER: CabanaBoy (Me) Forum Username: SquirrelKingCabanaBoy CO-LEADERS: RigbyTheHeroKing ELITISTS: MEMBERS: xShadowz_7 Forums Username: xShadowz_ (Please call him XxShadowSquirrel911xX) CLAN RULES: 1. No botting- I don't want botters making our clan look bad. 2. No harassment of other members asking for Pokemon, money, or items- If they say no, then don't ask again. Violators should be reported to me. 3. No shaming- If someone isn't as good as you are, don't put them down for it. I let them in the Clan for a reason. 4. No Second Accounts- I won't let someone join with two accounts, only one of your accounts can join the Clan. This will give someone else a chance to join. If I find out you joined with two accounts, both of your accounts will be removed from my Clan. CLAN MEMBER'S RIGHTS: The Right To Fair Trial- If you break a rule, I will make a discussion topic for it on the forums. I will state why the violator should be removed, and ask for votes on that subject. The first twelve votes will be taken whether the violator should be removed or not from the clan. I will wait one week for the votes; if they are not in by that time, I will take the existing votes and use those. If the vote is tied or there are no votes, the violator gets one more chance. The second time a rule is broken, there is no fair trial. I will allow for the violators to defend themselves in the comments. EXCEPTIONS FOR FAIR TRIAL: Botters are an exception. They don't get fair trials. Everyone else does- even those who join with second accounts. The Right To Hoard Items, Pokémon, and Money- You don't have to share. It'd be great if you did, and you will be frowned upon if you don't, but it is within your rights to hoard. The Right To Leave At Any Time- I wish members wouldn't leave, but I won't be able to stop them if they decide to. However, I won't give those who leave any heat, and I wish them the best of luck in a different clan, no clan, or even starting their own. I will help those who want to start a clan in any way I can if they've been a former member of mine. If there any suggestions, please comment below.
  8. Idea

    This needs more attention.
  9. Idea

    I just figured it would be cool, that's all.
  10. Idea

    Let's refine this a bit first- no taking all the money. The clan leaders should bet money. Next, people should be able to enter Pokemon in the war. Pokemon from those entered can be taken by the winner- you get to choose which Pokemon you battle with. Clan members should get to enter Pokemon in the war, and players can choose to battle with 1 pokemon out of ANY of those entered at a time. All Pokemon defeated by a trainer is kept by that trainer, and money is split equally among those who entered their Pokemon in the war. Also, wars shouldn't be declared by one side- they should be decided by both. Let's call it a Clan Duel rather than a war.
  11. Idea

    A lot of Pokemon are recycled in trading. You get that new legendary, take a look at it's happiness and other stats, and you find the OT isn't the person you traded with. Wouldn't it be cool if every trainer that ever owned that Pokemon was recorded on that Pokemon? There could be an OT, but also a separate list of trainers that have owned that Pokemon at one point.
  12. Idea

    Bring Ancient Pokemon back as an event Pokemon- they shouldn't be listed in the Pokedex, but if you have an Ancient form of a Pokemon than it would count as Metallic in the Pokedex. They should have the same effect as Metallic.
  13. Idea

    Everything seems good except for Mega Flygon- the Dratinis are only there because they were a reference to the original Crater.
  14. Idea

    Maybe you should make Shadow Mewtwo look like the Shadow Mewtwo from Pokken Tournament, crystal and all? After all, Shadow Lugia retains his coloring from Gale of Darkness.
  15. Giveaway

    IGN: CabanaBoy