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  1. Hi! I would like to enter the contest... I have one a cosmos from here earlier but I'd like one more. IGN-samual Thank you for the giveaway
  2. Thanx for the giveaway.. I have put the request
  3. No cosmogs.... I would love to have one.... IGN- Samual
  4. it's Saturday night!!!!   :ph34r:


  5. A1 Uruguay A2 Neymar/ Luis suárez A3 I love football! A4 you are awesome My ign- samual
  6. And also one more thing that needs to come back Bring back the vortex quiz bot in the game as well because I personally don't use discord and I think there might be more people like me. And because of this we can't win the cosmog. So please think about this feature.
  7. Hey buddy can u evolve my chargebug
  8. Hey buddy what would your rate be for an
  9. Well there are two people who know that this has happened: 1st johnnybonne himself And 2nd his friend. I don't remember his full ign but it was something Mitchel. So I say you can ask johnnybonne himself but in the game not through the forums I don't think he has used a forum's account.
  10. So there is this player 'KaleKut1' how hacked Johnnybonne's account and released all his legies and event pokes. I request any of the officials to take an action on this
  11. Thanks buddy I have made the offer And what are your rates for a
  12. Hey buddy I would like Can you plz find them. I am sorry buddy but can you do me a couple af favours... 1st just scrap the dark tapu koko and only find the type null. 2nd my ign is samual and plz don't pick any thing from my team...
  13. My ign is samual and I had a single cosmog and I would like 2 more
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