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  1. Groudon (Primal) going up for trade, best offers only pleaseGroudon

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    2. GodsWithin


      V...Seriously m8? You're gonna ASSUME that it has a gender? what if it's non-binary? #IDon'tJudgeYourPrimal

    3. Zehdjuani Smith

      Zehdjuani Smith

      lol its male I think


    4. v3567


      Male? That's been glitched, I hate to break it to ya! (kidding, I don't) :P

  2. Anyone have a Cosmog willing to trade?

  3. Finally defeated admins, thanks to @Karol Pawlowski and @

    v3567 for helping me out :)

    1. v3567


      You're welcome. :)


      @Patrick @GodsWithin - I can be helpful too, you know? ;)

    2. Zehdjuani Smith
    3. GodsWithin



      You're welcome. :)


      @Patrick @GodsWithin - I can be helpful too, you know? ;)


      No you can't V shush

  4. I need 3 more mystic sableyes

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    2. Zehdjuani Smith

      Zehdjuani Smith

      just need one more sableyes then I can defeat admins

    3. Karol Pawlowski

      Karol Pawlowski

      just found one wait a bit

    4. Zehdjuani Smith

      Zehdjuani Smith

      :D thanks a lot man

  5. Giveaway is over guys, well done to porymon for getting it right
  6. first person to get it right gets a normal rayquaza mega
  7. I need  6 dark or mystic sableyes can anyone help me out 

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    2. MikoTiini


      I got some too, but they have 4-15mil exp so will not trade them as regulars.

    3. Zehdjuani Smith

      Zehdjuani Smith

      ill give legends for them

    4. Zehdjuani Smith

      Zehdjuani Smith

      message me if you are able to help me out or offer some sableyes on my trades ign zehdjuanismith

  8. Ill be doing another giveaway soon

  9. eurstin, sportsandmusic69 and GodsWithin message me you ign and tell me what legend you want
  10. winners gets any legend I have (only one)
  11. What is the strongest Pokémon?
  12. how do i defeat the admins 

    1. v3567


      Use 6 dark/mystic sableyes with the move "Fling".

    2. Zehdjuani Smith
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