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  1. Idea

    thing is tho some pokemon have been traded hundreds of times that list would be a mile long nice idea but i dont see it happening
  2. i swear finding mystic dratini level 5 is a scam i have been looking for a week

    1. eurstin


      Looks like Patrick is a scammer now. 

      *readies banhammer*

      Patrick knows how to deal with scammers :) 

    2. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      ik but im getting fustrated finding it

  3. Game

    yeah but usually my pokemon some times dont get their 4th heart till around 500k
  4. Game

    all u have to do is hit 525k and it will have 4 hearts
  5. Giveaway

  6. normal and metallic palkia uft wanting a shiny one please and ty

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    2. hhh123


      yes @EBON High Magician what happened to joshua hambly ? im just asking

    3. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      to be honest i was not banned for evading i was banned for cussing and i am sorry for it but please i just wanna play the game and have friends on here im not here to cause trouble i have had a very bad day getting fired from my job over a bunch of b.s and i just want friends thats all

    4. hhh123
  7. that moment in vortex when ur looking for a mystic dratini and you zoom past this Mewtwo

  8. Giveaway

    silverstar2202 0 cosmog pwease
  9. Dear sir Patrick,

       I wanna take this opportunity to thank you and say how warming it is to be here on vortex forums and in the game I'm eager to play v4 and can't wait to see the function you have put in place for all of the vortex family to play you have truly made an empire of pokemon and a world for every poke-fanatic to enjoy it's amazing to see how far this game has come sence I started playing in v1.8. I agree the game has become a better world and solution as the pokemon game progresses and you continue to add more pokemon as they do in the video games you must have a lot on your plate, Thought i do miss hearing the pokemon music when i play vortex this game has always been a challenge because you can never catch all the pokemon like in the video games where you get board of playing because you have beat the game so many times but with pokemon vortex you never get board of it  i hope to be some-one with a title in fourms and hope to be the very best i can be in this game. I hope we can work together on some stuff and  I hope that i can come to you for guidance in the game. thank you for a great 9 years of vortex and many more to come

    1. EBON High Magician
    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson


      I bet Patrick saw this a few minutes ago. 

  10. hey yo i have a metallic diglett christmas up for trade highest offer i have had so far is 10 legends i like legends but i am looking for stuff i don't have yet if you want said diglett please message me on here and we can figure out a plan for you to have your very own metallic diglet christmas

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    2. 360SATOO



    3. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      ok as long as metallic arceus is included go for it

    4. eurstin


      lmao that ign


  11. finding this mystic dratini is pain staking lol

    1. Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Haisum Arif Sheikh

      lol I found that on map 14. I was about to finish my 6th mission, but the owner here was too jolly that he banned my legit account for a reason that I used to bot on two accounts which he banned too. I get nothing.

      goodluck bro 

    2. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      im sorry to hear you got banned and i read the conversation between u and him but understand you have to be able to follow the rules on one account then you can play the game but trust me in this game Patrick knows and sees all when he is awake and watching the game in his computer room he's kinda like Santa clause he knows when Ur bottling and when Ur being good but if u bot on 1 account he will not let u play at all

  12. rading shiny keldeo for shiny dialga

  13. i swear people get salty cause i got more pokemon then they do

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    2. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      ok i can do sidequest i have half of them done already so whats the low level pokemon

    3. Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Haisum Arif Sheikh

      I don't know, I'm just guessing

    4. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      ok cause thats how i have gotten to level 5 so fast i had the sq done already

  14. finding charmander lv 5 female is a p.i.t.a