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  1. poll: whats your favorite starter Pokemon of all generation(s).

    mine would have to be litten and charmander


  2. have you ever flown in a plane if so what was it like

  3. my rockruff wont evolve into midday its 7:30 am on the game

    1. Auke1993


      To my knowledge the switchover time is 7am server time.
      I know I can evolve my Rockruff into midday Lycanroc now, so please try again now. It should work.

    2. setyniker


      mine too, have you found a way to fix it?

    3. Auke1993


      Log out, log back in.

  4. @Patrick could we ever see a multi release button in the trade section where Pokemon that have been up for way to long could just go back to the wild with a simple click of the mouse

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    2. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      the pokemon in my trade box i wanna put them back into the maps but im not doing it for hours on end i wanna click 2 things a white check box for all the pokemon on 1 page and hit release did u get it yet

    3. Patrick


      Ohhhh your own Pokémon, you want to multi-release them?

      Maybe one day.

    4. porymon
  5. ok i have tried everything my ign is silverstar2202 i have evolved 6 pokemon sence my 3570 mark and the counter will not update please fix

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    2. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      wrong @iZeus i am evolving pokemon i have doubles and triples of ask before you think bro

    3. iZeus


      @EBON High Magician There is nothing with the counter and I am pretty sure about that. So that's the only deduction someone would come up with.

      Also, it is 3,600 rn so it did increase.

    4. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      right because i asked someone in the chatroom and they helped me fix it


  6. EBON High Magician

    Resolved Help pls

    it takes more then 2 hours at times you have to hunt around for one its not like right away.
  7. Hello pokemon world does anyone have a favorite animal. If so what is it and why? Can be exotic or domestic or wild.

    1. corgilover


      Dog - the most loyal one :)

  8. EBON High Magician

    Report profanity

    Hi My ign is silverstar2202 as you may see in the photo i have attached to this report as you can see I have please do not beg for Pokemon on my profile. I got a very rude and ignorant message from a user i.g.n 8-0 cussing at me cause of the " please do not beg for Pokemon" I have on my profile please take some kind of action. Please click the evidence button to see snapshot. @Patrick sincerely, Silverstar2202 evidence
  9. Most people on forms have been here a long time some scene v 1.8 I wanna know what your favorite event or time was in vortex and why

    1. rishivojjala014-2


      Vivillon (Fancy) and Vivillon (Pokeball)cause it was something new for me - to do 1200 trades or so to get 1 fancy !! :P


      I cud get only a normal vivillon pokeball tho :(


    2. iZeus


      Iron Mask Marauder Event in v1.8. I won a Missingno. from that

    3. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      i remember that i won an arceus water

  10. Most of us have a Favorite pokemon weather it be a starter or legend or in-between please comment what your favorite pokemon is I would love to know


    #Shiny Litten

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    2. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      lol Shiny Incineroarwas killer in pokemon sun and moon with dark lariat

    3. rishivojjala014-2


      It wasn't a killer at all :( I still wish I choose poplio , poplio 's evolutions look uncool and girlish but it seems better to have that instead - but rowlett and its evolutions suck xD

    4. EBON High Magician
  11. whats Shiny Hoopa (Unbound) worth

    1. eurstin


      $10 lel

      Try asking here :/ I'm not the best authority on donation rates or any for that matter


    2. rishivojjala014-2


      it is worth approximately:-
      -3 unique zygrade completes = 3 unique pikachu cosplays = 4/5 unique arceus water 
      these r the most popular events that u can get for a donation pokemon

      -also u can get other events like unique cubone vader - i really dont know the correct no. of vaders worth  dp but i once got a mystic magearna for my  10 unique cubone vader

      -u can even get roughly 17-18 unique  kyurem forms
      - aslso unique togepi halloween r quite rare like a unique arceus waater is worth a bit more than a unique togween so  u can get 4/5 unique togweens + something

      - a normal volcanion + many events = dp

      these r the most standard rates for a dp - there may be other ppl selling their dp for higher ,unfair and weird rates who wudnt agree with all this  :P 

  12. has seth1129400 been on?

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    2. v3567


      He has been on, but not on his account in-game. That's probably because he was banned. You should get rid of your botted exp too :)

    3. GodsWithin


      Are you stating that you're high or that you're on a lofty perch, just wondering


    4. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      its a yu-gi-oh card look it up ebon high magician

  13. where may i find the context about v4 being delayed


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    2. EBON High Magician

      EBON High Magician

      i really don't need a lecture from a computer especially one who's photo is on a dope high and thank you v3567 thats all i wanted to know


    3. Harsh Vardhan

      Harsh Vardhan

      Being honest , @Sneezeball you were just showing off .. you could've said " it is not being delayed " in a polite manner .

    4. porymon


      Since when are stating the facts and showing off even a teensy bit similar?:S

      Also Pat, you should lock this before it goes any further.gif

  14. trading dark kyogre looking for metallic kyogre

    1. iZeus


      Try using this thread.